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Prodigy moving company Los Angeles

Are you looking for a moving company in the LA area?  My boyfriend and I just moved his stuff from his 3 bedroom condo for storage at his mom’s house in Pacific Palisades.  After a long search, he made his decision on Prodigy moving company.  After our experience, I decided to post a bias-free review on our experience with this company.  I know how daunting a task this can be.  Prodigy 866.991.6683

Three men arrived as planned, they were a bit late but did not start the charge time until they arrived.  The condo is way out past Zuma beach and it was a really windy day.   They started working at 8:45a.  They took direction well, listened to us as we explained what needed to be done and how we wanted it handled.  They got right to work taking apart a big, heavy dining room table and sleigh bed.  They padded everything with blankets from their truck and wrapped all the furniture as if it were going to Mars.  They were polite and clean and we felt we could trust them while my boyfriend patched the walls and I entertained him, (or bothered him).  They worked non stop (I don’t even think they took a bathroom break).  There were no scratches on the walls, they padded the stairway and were very careful bringing heavy furniture down the stairs and around the corners.  I’ve moved more times than I care to remember and these guys were great!  They did not complain about anything and none of them smoked so there were no smoke breaks.

When they were almost finished packing and loading they let us know so that we could wrap things up.  They followed us to his mom’s house and although we offered to get lunch for them, they refused saying they would eat when they were finished. They put everything back together (2 beds: one sleigh bed, an enormous wood dining room table, sofa, all the usual furniture)  They worked 7ish hours and the cost was $829.  By 4:30p they were finished and we were good to go.  Moving is always exhausting but Prodigy made it as easy as it can get.  I do not have any interest in this company other than passing this info on to those who are looking for a moving company.  Happy moving!

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