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This is such a great show about a highly dysfunctional family.  They completely lost and disgusted me when Frank blocked a woman friend from getting the heart she needed to stay alive…and she died.  It was just a sad show, for so many reasons, mostly because it was not funny at all.  They have now redeemed themselves this week however.  The new episode is clever and funny and wild, just what we’ve come to expect.  There is nothing like full frontal nudity to bring you into the show…especially when it’s a MAN.  We women are usually the ones being objectified and this show has turned the tables on the men with this one.  Not only that, but the actor has a great penis and butt.  Ladies, I highly recommend a viewing.  Plus, the nudity helps tell the story and provides a great laugh in addition to the yummy view.  Enjoy this week’s show.  I look forward to more.  A lot more!

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