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House of Lies

Watch House of Lies…the jury is still out as to the longevity of this show but it’s most interesting character is the 10 year old boy, Roscoe (Donis Leonard Jr.) who is honestly in touch with his sexual side (he dresses like a girl), without apologies for who he is.  It’s a blatant and transparent attempt to give Marty (Don Cheadle) a heart in his house of horrors.  Donis makes the show watchable and interesting and his story line is the one to pursue.  The writers should pursue Roscoe as a central character around all these jaded and love-starved adults.  If Marty and Roscoe are drawn more as mirror images of one another, the show could become quite good.
In the last episode things start to become interesting for Jeannie (Kristin Bell) as she is venturing into an engagement with one man (boring but financially good on paper), while experimenting with other men on the road (exciting but image inappropriate).  Her house of lies is becoming more interesting although it’s still as dull as her acting.  Michelle Trachtenberg would have been a much better choice for this role.  If they are going to have Jeannie dance in her undies, (great idea) it should be someone with boobs and a butt and an actress who can be both believably innocent and boner-producing sexy.  Bell is obviously way out of her comfort zone here.  The other two guys are yet to be drawn well and we have no reason to care about them yet.  Also, the father (Glynn Turman: Fabulous actor) should be a much more central character.  He’s drawn well and there are so many story lines to pursue with him as a retired shrink.  Tune in but don’t get too comfortable just yet.  Enjoy!

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