SAG Awards

The majority of SAG voters voted The Help as best film of the year. This does not change the fact that The Artist is by far the best film of those nominated for the big awards. I hope the Academy voters have a more global vision than those who (I am one of them) vote for the Sag awards. The Help is a fine film, but one that does not come anywhere close in filmmaking genius to that of The Artist. Not even close.  The End.

I didn’t actually watch the show, (there are just too many bloody damn award shows and the Oscar 10 from 5 movie nomination change is nothing more than  monumental greed), therefore I have nothing more to say about it, but when I heard what happened with best ensemble (equivalent to Oscar best pic), I just had to voice my opinion.  I will write more on this after the Oscars.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

By the way, the monumental greed comment means this…in the old system of 5 nominations, Warhorse for example, would never have been nominated, but because they have to fill ten spots and Spielberg is cinematic royalty, that movie gets a green light for nomination.  Bottom line – Filmmakers make $$$$$ every time someone watches their film and a nomination gets people to spend money even on the stein of gold-speckled shit-shake known as Warhorse.

3 comments on “SAG Awards

  1. I almost always wait for my rare movie going for the Tompkins Review, and she’s right on the money again. Just got back from the “Artist” and it reminds me of the kind of film she would make if she had the right talent to support her vision. The pandering window is now closed. – Perry Rockwell

  2. The Oscars have always been about making more money. That’s why they were started. I like seeing people being recognized by their peers but have never thought of them as lasting cinematic judgement.

    They should have a separate awards show ten years later to get a better idea of what lasts. No way does Dances With Wolves beat Goodfellas then.

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