Luck TV horse deaths


If we stop watching, the deaths will stop.  Your choice.  I boycott the show and I hope you will too.  If not, why?  Go ahead, comment…I’m open to your opinion.  No really, go ahead.

2 comments on “Luck TV horse deaths

  1. This show will NOT be watched by me. And I will tell others…

    • I can always count on you Laur. Horse racing in general is a murder sport & for a fucking TV SHOW to allow this makes me physically ill. And the next time I see Hoffman in the grocery store I will NOT hold back my thoughts on this. I don’t care how fucking famous he is…he’s fucking exec producer & is completely responsible for this shit. He needs to come forward, apologize & explain. Stupid fucking entitled asshole. Did he think this would not get out? TWO horses? He should have already done damage control. I hope I see him. Duustiin…where arre youuu?

      Laura Tompkins 310.230.6726 hm 702.498.6778 cel

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