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Nurse Jackie Season 4 – Bobby Cannavalle

‘;Nurse Jackie’: Bobby Cannavale Books Major Guest Role for Season 4 

The creators of Nurse Jackie, Linda Wallem and and Liz Brixius, know what they are doing in a big way.  Casting Cannavalle is pure genius – he can tell a story with few words.  I knew this guy was bound for greatness when I saw him in The Station Agent with Peter Dinklage and Patricia Clarkson.  Cannavalle not only starred in this incredible film but he held his own with those two phenomenal actors.  Cannavalle recently kicked ass in the Broadway production of The Motherfucker With The Hat where Bobby was justly rewarded with an Outstanding Actor in a Play Tony Award.  The guy is just outrageously talented and I am so happy to see great actors rewarded with great roles.  I am writing a spec script for Nurse Jackie and this gives me hope for the future of the show.  Yes, the show is yet another medical show, but a medical show with the a nurse as main character rather than a doctor, (without nurses doctors are useless), a nurse with a drug addiction, a nurse with a husband and a lover, a nurse who is a mom, and a sister, and a mentor, and a friend.  It’s funny and brilliant and although you may not always like Jackie, you always understand her humanity.  After all, not one of us can say that we are proud of everything we’ve ever done and the show reminds us of our own frail humanness.  If you still think this doesn’t apply to you, you need to check your judgmental bullshit right now.  It’s great because it’s a show conceived, written and produced by two women.  We are certainly the minority in the TV world.  I would give my left tit to work with you.  Rock on ladies.

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