Laurie Birmingham plays the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet!!!!!

And I say, “It’s about fucking time!”

See reviews below kids.  In the first one, if he didn’t have a word limit, and you can tell he does, he would have gushed and gone all goo goo over Laurie.  The second one is a great review of the entire show and he loved Laurie!  The third one…well, yeah…he hated it.

If you are anywhere near Cleveland, you might want to get off your ass and catch this.  Then one day you can say…oh, yeeeeaaaah I was fortunate enough to see Laurie in Romeo and Juliet once and she was amazing.

In the city of Rock and Roll, let us not forget Shakespeare



4 comments on “Laurie Birmingham plays the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet!!!!!

  1. I’m just not sure what Mr. Horning was talking about when he said I was living my Love Life vicariously through Juliet. This isn’t what I’m doing AT ALL. Stranger things have been said in this world however. Probably by this same critic.

  2. Like I said, he’s projecting. Anyway, he is living his fantasy of being an actor of your caliber by being a critic.
    Can’t wait to see it.

  3. I did get to see Laurie as the Nurse and she was amazing – it was a beautiful production.

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