Are You Safe From Sexual Predators Or Murderers In An Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting?

How many steps are there? Twelve, right? Wrong. There are Thirteen. “Thirteenth-stepping” is a euphemistic term used among members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to refer to people (particularly men) who target new, more vulnerable members (typically women) for dates or sex. Previous research suggests that women frequently experience sexual harassment in 12 step meetings. Just the fact the term “thirteenth-stepping” exists, serves as a warning. Since thousands of convicted felons are mandated by the US courts to AA, this warning must be heeded.

The following is a partial list of requirements for sex offenders in the court system:

1. Attend all ordered treatment sessions. This includes individual and group counseling, educational sessions, and other treatment as directed. Unexcused missed treatment sessions will result in a sanction.

2. Do not make threats towards other participants or staff or behave in a violent manner. Violent or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and will be reported to the Court. This behavior may result in a sanction or termination from the Mental Health Court program.

3. Attend all scheduled Mental Health Court sessions. You must attend all court sessions as scheduled by the Mental Health Court probation officer.

4. As a participant, you will be expected to dress appropriately for court. Clothing bearing violence, sexual, drug, or alcohol related themes is inappropriate. Sleeveless shirts and body piercing other than earrings will not be allowed in court. Sunglasses are not to be worn in court unless medically approved.

5. You are required to attend AA or NA meetings on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, and must have a card signed at these meetings for attendance by the designated person at the meeting. You must stay for the entire meeting.

Since there is no accountability in a 12 step meeting as participants are required to remain anonymous, the answer to the question is unequivocally…NO. Not only are you not safe in a 12 step meeting but neither is your wife, husband, daughter, son, sister, brother, friend, co-worker nor anyone else. You could very well be sitting next to someone who has been convicted of rape and is mandated to your 12 step meeting as part of their parole. You could very likely be holding hands with someone who has violently raped a child while reciting the Lord’s Prayer….the central prayer of Christianity. The Twelve Steps are based on Christianity, and as an anonymous religion, one would think that the steppers would want to protect their flock. Unfortunately, since anyone can and is mandated to attend 12 step meetings, you are never safe in your meeting. In fact, a 12 step meeting is a dream come true for a sex offender…It’s like a gift from the court for these extremely mentally ill individuals to stalk people in a meeting where no one knows their criminal past. You are sharing deeply personal information in your meeting and sexual predators will play on your weaknesses in order to inspire trust. They will then steal money from you, lie and manipulate you to do their bidding, rape you, your daughter, your son, and take anything they can take from you before moving on to their next victim.

Skeptical? Here are three recent examples:

1)  In 2011, Charles Doucette was on parole from seven life sentences, imposed in 1991 for the killing of Raymond Bufalino of Salem, MA and two home invasions while he was awaiting trial in the murder. He was released in 2007 and was mandated to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. In fact, he met his girlfriend in an AA meeting, Melissa Markus, who accused him of dragging her alongside his truck and threatening to put a bullet in her head during an argument outside Doucette’s home on the afternoon of Feb. 14, 2011. The prosecution argued that, given his criminal history and two past instances when Doucette allegedly struck her during their two-year relationship, Markus had reason to fear for her safety. Upset that the girlfriend he met in Alcoholics Anonymous was drinking again, Doucette took back the key she had to his home and moved out her belongings, Markus testified. While they argued outside his house, she claimed he threatened her and then, while she was standing beside the driver’s side window of his truck, he “dragged” her alongside as he drove away. Happy Valentines Day.

Defense attorney Eitan Goldberg, who joined Scott Dullea in representing Doucette, asked for Doucette to be released from custody while his case was being considered by the Parole Board…and as part of his parole, attend AA meetings. Doucette’s lawyers produced enough reasonable doubt to get him acquitted from this assault and he was set free. Again.
2)  In March 2012, Roy Floyd Johnson Jr. of Dalton, GA was accused of sexually molesting an underage girl during a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting. Johnson faces charges of child molestation and sexual battery of a child. He was arrested in January for molesting a girl who was attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting with her parents. The girl was in a separate area when she said the incident occurred. Her mother said that she did not think anything about it because she told police that the coffee is back there and homeless people come in all the time to go to the bathroom and get coffee. The mother is also reported to have said that she has never seen the man before at any of the meetings but does remember what he looks like. Johnson has previously been charged with battery and assault many times. This case is presently pending.
3) The following case has been going on since August of 2011. On August 31, 2011 Karla Brada of Santa Clarita, CA, was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend. Eric Earle, 40, has been charged with the death of fellow AA member and girlfriend (the two met in AA).Deputies responded to a 911 call from the residence of Earle and Karla Brada. The caller was Eric Allen Earle allegedly claiming he had found her unresponsive in the morning.

She was pronounced dead at the scene by county Fire Department paramedics.

A sheriff’s detective described Brada’s death as “suspicious” and said domestic violence may have been a factor. Neighbors said the couple fought often and that sheriff’s deputies were a frequent fixture at their home.

Earle’s Facebook page paints the picture of a man battling addiction with the help of Brada. The two attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings together and got a dog together, according to his recent Facebook activity. His Facebook page has been deleted.

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services and Santa Clarita Alcoholics Anonymous has been sued by the parents of murder victim Karla Brada.

Grieving parents (Mendez), say in court that their daughter was murdered by her sociopathic addict boyfriend because Alcoholics Anonymous concealed his history of domestic violence.

“The Mendezes say that AA showed a “reckless disregard for, and deliberate indifference … to the safety and security of victims attending AA meetings who are repeatedly preyed on at these meetings by financial, violent, and sexual predators like Earle.” AA has known for years that meetings “are repeatedly used by financial, sexual, and violent predators as a means to locate victims,” according to the lawsuit in Superior Court.  This case is pending.

Even more disturbing, teens are routinely mandated to 12 step meetings for alcohol and drug related issues and are in dire danger of meeting folks like Doucette and Johnson. In case you are thinking that these incidents are isolated, any research will prove you wrong. These crimes in 12 step meetings are being swept under the rug by the judicial system and AA and NA. Our children depend on us to protect them and we are failing them miserably when it comes to continuing to mandate minors to AA and allowing felons and minors to mix at meetings. In fact, AA actively sends members to recruit and transport criminals to and from meetings. After all, AA like any other cult, needs to keep the flock growing and thriving in order to continue to control members with negative affirmations of diseased and powerlessness and character defects and personality shortcomings, ad nauseum.
I look forward to any comments and will respond with dignity and respect.

37 comments on “Are You Safe From Sexual Predators Or Murderers In An Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting?

  1. Excellent Post Laura. This is a topic I am passionate about. You are right, we as a society are to protect our children. Not throw them into the Lion’s Den. The practice of mandating minors to AA and NA by courts, probation officers and a slew of third party providers is one of the most irresponsible acts I have seen in our government, and by AA and NA themselves.

    In Fact Alcoholics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous both minimize the concerns of parents and others that voice concerns about their children or teens attending 12 step meetings. They are much more concerned with expanding their base in a evangelistic way.

    Both AA World Services in New York City and NA World Services in California are both well aware of sexual abuse within their ranks for decades. It goes far beyond 13 stepping. People have been raped, stabbed, financially scammed and murdered by their fellow AA/NA members.

    Yet AA/NA in response to growing complaints from inside and outside the organization, have refused to make any responsible changes to lower the risk of harm to minors or adults that attend their meetings.

    AA and NA are currently being quite aggressive in going after minors in high schools and young adults on college campuses. This is at the same time they are getting more aggressive getting into maximim security prisons, and aiding these prisoners upon release to go to the same meetings that they are telling teens and parents to go to.

    I actually think what they are doing is illegal as far as minors are concerned. Yet law enforcement and Department of Children and Families turn a blind eye to the emotional,sexual abuse and potential danger to minors at meetings. Any other entity needs to have background checks that work with minors. Yet AA and NA are being given a free pass to this horrendous practice.

  2. Thank you! This article is also awaiting publication on the huffpost. I am looking forward to the debate with that audience.

    I am using the example of ‘thirteenth-stepping’ for those who have not heard of this ever before, not for informed people, such as yourself.

    I know this is an ongoing fight and it is important beyond measure to inform the public of the potential dangers of AA/NA, especially for teens.

    We can continue to tell the truth and spread the warnings. Thank you so much for commenting.

    • We are working with facts, that should help in this debate with those that turn a blind eye to these practices of AA/NA and our judicial systems. When do you think it will be published in the Huffington Post?

      I am hoping people in a position of power, and who can make changes in policies, and enforce laws will step up to the plate to protect minors and other vulnerable members of society.

      I am not holding my breath for AA/NA to do squat. They will only do what they are forced to do by insurance companies, courts and federal,state and local government regulations that involve minors.

    • Ok I just read the whole article. this is so upsetting. As you may know I have been working on making things safer. IT needs to be reported in the National News. Someone needs to talk to the Associated Press.

      • I agree. The article still has not been published in the HuffPost and I have attempted to communicate with them but have not heard back yet. They are probably backed up and are working on it as fast as possible. It is also a bit longer than most so they may be slow in getting to it.

  3. I have no idea when they might be publishing it. They are taking their sweet time. Thanks again for the support. You truly are beautiful.

  4. Great blogging. Thanks for getting the truth told and the word out!
    there are so many stories on http://www.stop13stepinaa.wordpress.com also as you know on my leaving aa site. Take care and keep up the good work exposing AA.

  5. Hey kids. I was just informed via email that the HuffPost is passing on this submission. I find this disturbing on many levels. I have inquired as to why they are passing but have not heard back from them. I do not expect to hear back actually because it took them so long to respond at all to why it was taking so long to be published.
    I will keep you informed if I hear anything else.
    Thank you for your continued support.


  6. Laura,
    excellent article, thank you for writing. It’s disgraceful what goes on @ these meetings & Alcohol & Narcotics Anonymous participation I wish this article & these facts would be published in the mainstream media. I wish the public would/could know to avoid AA & NA & that the court system would stop sentencing teens to this dangerous & ungoverned & out of control cult environment. Additionally, I wish the courts would stop sentencing dangerous felons to this ungoverned & out of control cult environment. It is the perfect place for a dangerous predator, no boundaries, no restraints & full of vulnerable prey. Somebody, some way & day, needs to stop AA & NA from running an unsupervised cult. Thanks again, Eden

    • Thank you Eden. Love your name. Had a friend in Vegas named Eden. We’ve lost touch but I would love to reconnect with her.
      We all need to continue to tell the truth regarding the dangers of 12 step groups. I wish the HuffPost was not influenced by AA attempts to enroll the media in this allowing this mess to continue. The fact that they will not communicate with me regarding the problem with the submission leaves me with no answers and your support means a great deal.

      • I was hoping HuffPo would have a change of heart, or at least clarify what is needed for it’s publication. I suspect that it came down to the TRUTH in the headline.Even though it is not a matter of debate about the practice of mandating sexual predators and murderers happens or not. It is a FACT! Yet the facts and the truths related to it was a bitter pill to swallow for HuffPo. Even though they could be ahead of their peers and be proactive and publish what others seem to refuse to, they passes. I would still appeal to them and ask them to print it in some form at least.

        How can the media keep repressing the truth? It is a public safety matter………

    • Eden- AA and NA will be sued for all of this big time eventually. In fact …I think its already begun. Read the story on the front of http://www.leavinaa.com or http://www.nadaytona.org. The truth is out and finally a family is fighting back. Thank GOD!

    • Thank you for posting the article on your site! I wil continue to write about these crimes regardless of who posts them. Thanks for passing it around.

      • Thanks. I hope we can meet up for coffee soon.

        • I hope so too! I have not heard back from anyone regarding reconsidering. I suspect they do not want to say anything that would get them into a battle of some kind. It’s distressing. I hope you’re having a great day!

  7. Sexual predation and exploitation in AA is probably the darkest secret that nobody wants to talk about and in most cases denied or minimized. Many women are aware of it but most men are not. As a male I wasn’t aware of it until a woman I was dating started telling me stories about guys rubbing up against her and always wanting a hug to cases of propositions of sex for favors. This may not be prevalent in all AA communities but it’s certainly rampant in some of them, especially larger ones where there are a lot of half way houses.

    I trace the unwillingness of AA’s to address this and other types of bad behavior on the low bar that AA has traditionally kept. The low bar has always been: “as long as they’re not drinking”. Bill Wilson even before the traditions were published always stressed that groups could do what ever they wanted and he would always judge their success by asking,, “Are they staying sober”?

    So I guess this would be considered one of those “outside issues” of which they have no opinion. It’s certainly lame but gives greater credence to the idea of another example of cultish behavior.

    • Thank you so much for your comments. Just the fact that there is a term for it (13th stepping), is enough for concern. You are absolutely correct in that this behavior is yet another example of cult behavior. It’s very distressing since their guru bill Wilson is long gone. I believe when jim Jones died along with his flock, the group known as the people’s temple died along with him. Due to the AA propaganda machine, the group stays alive under the veil of ‘outside issues.’ The sad reality is that this is an AA issue since it is happening due to the rampant shielding of horrible behavior sanctioned by its guru. Apparently jim jones had sex with the minor children of his flock and no one stopped him or reported him. For those AA devotees who think this does not happen because they have never seen it, I say wake up and get over yourselves. Just because you do not see it certainly does not negate the problem. There are thousands of places for sexual predators to go and find victims in Alcoholics Anonymous.

      The fact that these people believe that their limited and blind experience with the group is somehow proof of its value, is also cultish behavior…the inability of its members to even consider they are actually in a cult. Bill W. was no more a gentleman than Jerry Sandusky. At least jim jones had the courage to take his monster self off the planet and demonstrate just how sick his cult was.

      Sexual predator behavior is not an outside issue, it is an internal coverup. Of course bad press is something for which AAWS actively avoids by sending out letters every year to news agencies thanking them for their help in keeping the rooms safe from cameras and stories. Also, many of those in the media are also members of the cult known as AA, and have been drinking the cool-aid coffee. It is important that we keep up the fight for the truth.

      Thank you for your comments and for taking the time to write. It was a busy summer for me and I have neglected to write in my blog. Your comments remind me how important this exposure of the AA cult really is. Also, if you are one of those barefoot runners, I am impressed. I see you guys on the trails and admire you with my cushioned runners and socks. May hat is off to you! ; )

    • Here is an article that just came out September 28th 2012 about the family of Karla Brada who’s AA member boyfriend Eric Allen Earle was arrested for her murder by strangulation. The parents are suing AA World Services, AA Members and the Santa Clarita AA District for harboring a known predator and a slew of other charges! This is a huge lawsuit and huge news! Please read and spread the word, and let’s expose AA for the predator harboring Organization that they are!


      • Thank you for sharing this antiD. I hope everyone will spread the word and follow this story closely for updates. I just hope they have representation and judges who are not members of the cult.
        Please, dear readers, share this story.

    • AA is filled with the worst of the worst . See most current murder of Karla Brada in Santa Clarita….so sad ….www.leavingaa.com

    • this is no outside issue. Its just the crazy cult members who made up the “traditions” in the 1940’s. How could I ever believed this nonsense? AA is a really really sick place and teens and women do not belong there EVER!!!!!!Parents beware.

      • I agree that this is no outside issue. The fact is, as you know, the ‘outside issue’ bullshit is what AA True Believers and those on the payroll use as an excuse for any abhorrent and criminal behavior.

        I have lost a few friends because of all this exposure of the truth regarding AA. If it was not worth it, I would not bother. Those who are so indoctrinated in their Programme that they can not handle it being criticized have a sickness, the likes of which I do not possess. They have been brainwashed and obviously there are millions who are in the same boat. It’s so difficult to lose people over this. At the same time, when they lash out and become emotionally abusive, they are doing me the favor of parting company.

        It is also easy to become a member of this cult called AA. They take vulnerable people, the propaganda and cult marketing and brainwashing leading the way, and they then provide the perfect recipe for their success, while sacrificing the emotional and physically well-being of the flock.

        As much as I want the truth to be exposed to keep people safe, I also want those who have already been brainwashed to know that they are not to blame for trusting the Programme. AA has done a highly effective job at selling itself as this safe, benevolent group with their only agenda that of helping people to get sober. They lie and abuse people to keep the money flowing and the membership high in order to continually recruit and to prostheletize. When people are at their most vulnerable, AA tells them that their best thinking got them there. N.O. Your worst thinking got you there and they will ensure that your worst thinking will only get worse without AA. Since the success rate is so low and most people do not come back, they have to continue to recruit.

        Therefore, to judge yourself for ever believing the dangerous nonsense of the AA cult is normal, so that you never do it again. To beat oneself up for falling for it is not productive nor healthy. Those, like you, who have gotten out of AA, are the smart ones. Most people live life following the lemming crowd. At least we know those reading this, all of you here, are more intelligent than the average bear. It is now your responsibility to share your knowledge and the truth. Even if you help one person to think about the powerlessness dogma of AA, you have made an enormous difference.

        Thank you so much for participating.

  8. I posted the article about Karla Brada on my facebook page. I actually received this response from an AA true believer:
    This article seems to have no knowledge of the facts in domestic violence cases.In California, you can be arrested and prosecuted for domestic violence even if the victim does not want you arrested. In some cases, especially with spousal abuse, it is very difficult for the victim to drop charges against the abuser. The prosecutor can proceed with the criminal case even if the alleged victim decides not want to go to court. The prosecutor is the only one who can drop charges because the victim is merely a witness in a government prosecution.
    What a fucking moron. As if this has anything to do with her murder! As a woman herself, she should be ashamed of herself. I wrote back that she was grasping at straws to defend her cult. She unfriended me. My gain is her loss. These people are bat shit crazy.

    • I have no idea of the legal liability here although it sounds like the family is leaving no stone unturned in suing lots of people and organizations. I’m sure AA’s been sued plenty over the years although I have no idea how those cases have been resolved.

      The publicity though, of this case, is what I see as the only encouraging news of this very sad case to get the information out there. The more that’s out there is the more people will begin to be informed of what’s coming into and already in AA. AA, the way it’s set up with anonymity and it’s only rule for membership is a sociopaths dream come true. You have no idea who they are, they are welcomed, allowed to talk (which for a sociopath is like sharpening his craft), and is surrounded by mostly co-dependent, low self-esteemed, needy people who share intimate information and will encourage them to keep coming back. So whatever the scam: sex, love, money, job, etc. it’s all there somewhere for the taking.

      All this nonsense has gone on for years in AA but it seems lately the stories are coming out of a more violent and deadly nature. BEWARE: you have no idea who that person is who’s sitting next to you, not their real identity, background, criminal record, medical condition or mental condition.

      All that being said, the AA faithful will deny or minimize any problem, stay with the traditions and vehemently resist any change. They feel their life is tied up in AA and they’ll die if they don’t have it.

      • It would be helpful to collect information on all lawsuits AA or NA have been involved in on any level. If anyone has any information on ANY lawsuits that involves AA World Services, Any AA/NA District Offices, AA/NA Home Groups, AA/NA Sponsors and any AA/NA members in regard to events surrounding their connection to the 12 step cult.

        Please post any on this website. Thanks!

        • I agree that a list of AA lawsuits would be important to study. I have spent the better part of this evening looking for information.
          This information is very difficult to find. I look forward to Anything and everything you wish to post here. Thank you.

      • What I was told that many lawsuits filed do not make the newspapers, but they are sitting in the courthouse files. People can search court files in New York City, and different counties across the country to see if their District AA or NA has been sued. They mostly settle out of court. Also Insurance Companies keep stats on lawsuits against Churches, so I would assume they have data on AA and NA.

        Also Insurance companies and churches need to made more aware that level 3 sexual predators are being mandated to meetings, along with minors. Many do not realize this at all. They treat them like insuring the Boy Scouts.

        • Thank you. That is an interesting visual…drunk, violent, criminal, manipulative Boy Scouts.
          Due to the intense marketing of anonymity in AA, it is very difficult to find information on any lawsuits. Of course they settle…if any case went into litigation, it would mean that the truth would be exposed. They can’t have that.
          The research continues.

    • Moron is right! What the writer fails to point out is that the prosecutor “can” proceed without the victim’s okay. This does not mean it does not create a more difficult case for the prosecutor, and they prefer to not have a hostile witness. It is for the safety and benefit of the victim that the prosecutor can press charges without the victim, so the victim is not put in more harms way. But it is just not that black or white. The prosecutor decided NOT to prosecute, which most likely help cost Karla her life. The prosecutor could of been a 12 stepper or a 12 stepper sympathizer and dropped the charges.

  9. I really liked this article. It really has become a nightmare to find somewhere safe to get sober. The court systems trend to send violent offenders to AA meetings is just a bad idea all together. There are enough sickos in AA without the court adding to them on a daily basis. Ugh, talk about losers. I was a member for a while and I dated a few guys and they ended up to be total dirtbags. I always told my girlfriend’s to avoid dating in AA like the plauge.

  10. Hi Brenda C,

    Thank you so much for writing. AA is indeed full of very sick people even without the recruitment of convicted criminals to the mix.

    The following is copied from courthousenews.com

    Friday, September 28, 2012Last Update: 11:52 AM PT
    Parents Accuse AA of Harboring a Predator

    LOS ANGELES (CN) – Grieving parents say in court that their daughter was murdered by her sociopathic addict boyfriend because Alcoholics Anonymous concealed his history of domestic violence.

    Eric Allen Earle allegedly strangled 31-year-old Karla Brada to death on Aug. 31, 2011, after Brada asked him to move out of her condo in Santa Clarita. After the murder, Earle reportedly spent the night sleeping next to Brada and called the authorities when he found her unresponsive in the morning.

    Brada’s parents, Hector Mendez and Jaroslava Mendez, say Earle had been jailed for beating Brada just before the murder.

    His friends, Patrick and Joanne Frye, allegedly coerced Brada into bailing him out. Brada reportedly dropped the charges against Earle, and authorities were unable to prosecute him, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    The Mendezes say that the Frys conspired “to aid and assist Earle in financially and physically abusing” and “ultimately murdering” Brada. They also sued two attorneys who allegedly represented the Earle, saying those individuals and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department knew of Earle’s violent past and could have prevented their daughter’s untimely death.

    Brada “suffered horribly” before she died, according to the complaint.
    An autopsy report allegedly revealed that Brada had more than 30 cuts and bruises on her body.

    Patrick Fry and Earle may have done jail time together, Fry sponsored Earle at the Santa Clarita AA that they both attended, according to the complaint.
    “Fry immediately violated the few rules AA has by serving as a ‘sponsor’ for a female, Karla,” the 26-page complaint states. “He also violated an AA rule by meeting at the same time with both Earle and Karla right at the time that Earle had severely beaten Karla and had been arrested for possible domestic violence.”

    The Mendezes say that AA showed a “reckless disregard for, and deliberate indifference … to the safety and security of victims attending AA meetings who are repeatedly preyed on at these meetings by financial, violent, and sexual predators like Earle.”

    AA has known for years that meetings “are repeatedly used by financial, sexual, and violent predators as a means to locate victims,” according to the lawsuit in Superior Court. But nevertheless the organization has no “specific policies and guidelines concerning conduct of so-called ‘sponsors'” and does little to supervise them.

    Earle was formally charged for the murder of Brada in January 2011, almost three months after the autopsy report, the Mendezes say.
    “AA is so lax that as soon as Earle murdered Karla he took up with another woman whom he met at AA, [nonparty] Amy Porter (‘Porter’) who is now being financially exploited by Earle,” the complaint states. “Porter is financing Earle’s legal defense on the charge of Karla’s murder. Earle becomes quickly ‘engaged’ with his victims and proposes marriage although on information and belief he has never obtained a judgment of dissolution from his wife.”

    After Brada’s death, attorney Carey Curuso used $2,000 Brada had paid the lawyer to defend Earle against charges that he kicked in a window on a sheriff’s patrol car, the parents say.

    The Mendezes sued Earle; the Frys; Curoso; Santa Clarita Alcoholics Anonymous; Alcoholics Anonymous World Services; the County of Los Angeles; and detectives Eduardo Hernandez, Juan Carrillo, Raymond Lugo and Joe Ramirez.

    David Kestenbaum, an attorney who represented Earle against domestic violence charges against Brada, is also named as a defendant.

    The couple seeks punitive damages for wrongful death, conversion of money and property, professional negligence, violation of equal protection rights under the 14th Amendment, Monell violation, and Bane Act violation.

    They are represented by Patricia Barry.

    Alcoholics Anonymous World Services declined to comment.

    Gee, fancy that…AA has nothing to say. When I call AAWS is NYC recently, they said that they could not comment since the case was ongoing. I knew they would say that so I asked her if she had heard of the Doucette case in the body of this article and she declined to comment. When I asked her how long AA was going to recruit convicted criminals to meetings she declined to comment.

    Patricia Barry, counsel for Karla’s parents has yet to return my call.

    Not only is dating dangerous in a 12 step group but so is sharing of any personal information that can, and often is, used against people in the future. Your sponsor is not a trusted nor qualified person to share your most intimate thoughts. Also, anything you share in a meeting can be used to manipulate and coerce you into doing something you should not be doing. If Karla had not been lead to believe she was in a safe environment where she could trust Earle, she would be alive today. This problem is rampant in 12 step programs and people should be warned. You are not safe in a 12 step group.

    Please be careful Brenda. Thanks again for writing.

  11. thank you for this!!!

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