Honoring Mama

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This is a picture of my mama in 1958. She was crowned Miss Nevada and was in the Miss America pageant of 1958. She was crowned by Dawn Wells (Marianne on Gilligans Island fame), who preceded her in the position of Miss Nevada.
She passed away peacefully 4 years ago at the age of 68 due to alcoholism related illnesses. She was beautiful both inside and out. I am always thrilled when people say I look like her! Who wouldn’t be right?! But more than her outer appearance, my mama was devoted to myself and my brothers even when we didn’t deserve her devotion. She was a devout Hindu and traveled to India to visit Satya Sai Baba often.
She was in a horrible car accident in 1987 which put her in a body cast for 6 months, the doctors telling her she would never walk again. She was a yogi and the combination of her faith and her yoga practice and meditation, she made a complete and full recovery. Her name was Judy and I miss her every day of my life. Thank you for reading and Happy Mothers Day!

4 comments on “Honoring Mama

  1. Laura, my Mom’s name was also, Judy! She, too, was beautiful and was a model for Town and Country Magazine, amongst others, before she married. She devoted her whole life to me, my 2 brothers and little sister. Nothing mattered to her more than her kids. Among other things we have in common, I am not all that surprised that your Mom and mine were both named Judy. She passed away from metastatic breast cancer on Monday, December 2nd, 1991 at the age of 50, 2 days after my 30th birthday. I too miss her every day of my life and will every day for the rest of my life.

    I am sorry for your loss. Your Mom was beautiful and sounds like she was such a wonderful Mom.

    Much love to you and hope we can do lunch or dinner again soon.

  2. Thank you for sharing this lovely story about your Mother. My mother passed at the age of 65 from pancreas cancer. We were very close; so I know how difficult it can be. Your mother was truly a beautiful woman.

  3. Thanks you! Your mother raised a beautiful, intelligent woman. Happy Mommy’s Day.

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