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Charile Sheen’s Agent/Manager…is a Mad Genius.

The rich get richer because they are smarter than you, more devious than you, and completely lacking in ethics and morals.  His agent and manager are slowly, and brilliantly with self-effacing humor, slip-sliding him back into our hearts.

Below are the recent examples for your viewing enjoyment.  Anyone in the biz knows that film stars consider TV commercials (or TV in general), for the desperate or lazy…or for the foreign market.  10 years ago, a film actor would think himself beneath the drivel known as television.  Charlie was ahead of the pack to venture into TV, which is a  far more demanding gig in actuality…everything is fast in films but it’s in warp speed in TV.  You need cocaine once in a while to do TV.

Charlie left an enormous pile of dung in the center of his career…and they are cleaning it up for him.  Let’s hope he can spend some time with Robert Downey Jr and find a happy medium somewhere.  I predict he  will have a comeback even bigger than Mickey Rourke.  As a matter of fact, Sheen, Downey Jr, and Rourke should be in an action adventure together very soon.  Working title…Train Wreck.


The talent that really makes the DirecTV spot work????  The Voice Over Actor.  Don’t underestimate us.

FIAT 500 Abarth Commercial – Charlie Sheen “House Arrest”

Charlie Sheen DIRECTV Commercial 2012

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