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The Home of Alcoholics Anonymous – How It Works

12 Step Cult Religion Exposed

This here’s a story about a man named Bill, a pitiful hustler who founded a religious cult that demands his followers forever refer to themselves with negative affirmations.  People like David Koresh, Sun Myung Moon, Joseph Di Mambro, L Ron Hubbard, Frank Buchman, Claude Vorilhon, Shoko Asahara, Charles Manson and Jim Jones, have so little to offer the world, they must find a way to make themselves more important than others … they must find a way to make themselves into Gurus.  They attract other guru-wannabes and desperate followers to ensure their cult grows and prospers.  They also have strict, non-negotiable, all-or-nothing principles for their followers for which they themselves are not required, (nor are their fellow old-timer-wannabe gurus), to adhere.  Their ‘home’ is beyond reproach, and they are beyond criticism.  Fools gold made to look like Texas Tea.

The most brilliant of these cult is commonly known as Alcoholics Anonymous, and their guru is…

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