Silence Is Golden – How To Handle Conflict

Mature, true, honest and loving communication happens face to face, where you can see one another’s expressions, body language and hear the person in the moment, feeling their presence and being. Listening to another person requires your entire mind, body and spirit.Second to in person, is the use of the telephone. Although you cannot see the person, at least you can hear their voice in real time. Even on skype, true communication is limited.Email and/or texting is NO PLACE TO EXPRESS SOMETHING SENSITIVE OR IMPORTANT.In fact, it is the CHICKEN SHIT way of confronting conflict.It is COWARDLY to send an email or text about something important. It castrates any potential for discussion.It is best to disengage from anyone who chooses to express themselves with any important issue by emailing or texting you, when they can at the very least, have picked up the phone.

In addition – It is also best to refrain from responding to their chicken shit email or text … AT ALL. They do not deserve it and you will only make their chicken shit behavior your behavior too. Take the high road and disengage.

If they are important enough to deserve a place in your life, you can choose to express your preference in person requesting … at the very least … a phone call next time they have something important to discuss with you.

Otherwise, as difficult as it may be … This person is not mature or loving enough to deserve a place in your heart. It is truly their LOSS. By behaving badly, they have done you a favor.

Talk about your feelings (in person ; ) with someone you trust and who loves you.

They have behaved abusively and you deserve better. Much, much better.

What ‘favor’ have they done for you?

Now you know how NOT to treat other human beings.

Do not take their lack of maturity personally. They are the one lacking confidence.

Do not for one second take their lack of self-esteem to heart. You are better than that.

Do not allow their inability to love themselves reflect negatively on how you think of yourself.  You know better than that – they have taught you to be more loving, by their depleted store of love.

Treat yourself with great love and demand the same from others. Sometimes this demand is best communicated …

… with complete silence.

3 comments on “Silence Is Golden – How To Handle Conflict

  1. What a POWERFUL article Laura! You have a gift with expressing your knowledge on paper!

  2. What a Powerful article Laura! You have a talent /gift with expressing your knowledge on paper ,as well as verbally !

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