Feelings Are Facts – YOUR Facts

You are not responsible for someone else’s feelings. If someone says to you, “you made me angry.” (sad, scared, uncomfortable or any other negative feeling), Reject the idea that you are to blame.

Blaming another for your feelings is like blaming another for a headache. Unless you smacked the person over the head with a mallet, you are not responsible for their headache.

Now, if you regret something you said or did, you can certainly take responsibility for that, and make the appropriate apologies.

However, reject the idea that you are the cause of someone else’s feelings.

This is also true for positive feelings. If someone says, “You make me happy,” they are giving you credit for their feelings. No. You contribute to their happiness, you have not created it.

Otherwise, if you believe you are responsible for someone else’s feelings, the responsibility is too much pressure.

Each of us is responsible for our own feelings and how and why we are experiencing our feelings … and the behaviors that follow.

Do not depend on others for your state of emotional well-being, and do not allow others to place blame on you for theirs.

Ask for help with the responsibility placed firmly where it belongs … On you and your ability to change.

You can and do change every day. It’s up to you whether your changes are providing you with more peace of mind, or less.

The choice is yours.

2 comments on “Feelings Are Facts – YOUR Facts

  1. NICE!! ..Yes I was waiting to Enjoy what you wrote next…and ENJOY I DID! Great article.

  2. THANKS MARIE! You are very kind. You make me feel happy. ; )

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