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How To Find A Worthy Relationship

Men want security, love and commitment as much as women do.

Women scare men however, when they become demanding, needy and make ultimatums. No man likes an ultimatum.

When you meet a man you would like to date, keep the focus on you, your dreams, your goals … The bridge you are crossing to get everything you want. Smile and physically stand with your heart open, uncross your arms, face him, be open. Stay on your bridge.

Walk away from attempting to manage the relationship. Say good-bye to old behaviors. Walk away from him. If he is worthy of your time, he will find you and get your number. Stay on your bridge.

Drop your defenses. Whatever your past with men, do not bring that past into the potential for a good relationship. Stay open. Drop the past. Stay on your bridge.

Feel your feelings and heal them without depending on him. Share your feelings with him and how you are now stronger for the feelings and the ways you healed yourself. Let him help you on your bridge but STAY ON IT.

Learn how to dance like a stripper with a chair in lingerie. Do it in front of a mirror. Love your body just the way it is. If you love every curve of your body, he will too. Dance for him. Juicy, sexy dancing shows your passion for your life. Passion for your own life, just as it is, inspires passion for him to get you. Stay on your bridge – if he wants you, he will join you.

Stand in your power. You have immense power. You are power. Let him know that you are on a bridge of fulfillment and nothing will slow you down. Practice high esteem for yourself by claiming and practicing your power no matter what he does. Let him pursue you. Men like a challenge. This is much different than ‘playing hard to get.’ You ARE hard to get. He will either claim you or lose you without you making an ultimatum. Stay on your bridge.

Do not ever commit your heart to a man who has not asked you to be his one and only. He is very possibly dating other women, even if he is telling you otherwise. Stay on your bridge.

You can inspire him to DO by inspiring him to WANT – YOU.

Learn to take ‘no’ for an answer.

Do not criticize him. Do not judge him. Do not advise him. Do not warn him. Do not coax him. You are not his mother.

A man worthy of you will commit to you when you inspire him to do so …

Not when you demand he do so.

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