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Doing God’s Work – Tough Love Rehab

Aaron Bacon was a young man who died tragically from abuse and mistreatment at Northstar, a facility in Utah sold to parents as a ‘tough-love’ wilderness drug rehab for teens.

The people who are attracted to running such programs are the same type of people you will find in 12 step programs.  People who are abusers are attracted to the faith healing of AA and the 12 steps to get away with any horrible behavior they could not get away with in any other place.  They believe God will take care of them as they are required to turn their lives over to the care of God.

“the staff at these programs received almost no training in things like logistics or safety. Because we were doing ‘God’s work,’ there was a strong belief that God would look after everybody.”

Here’s yet another tragic and preventable story of child abuse and tax payer funded programs where our children are being abused and mistreated.  These places are all over north America.  The following article appeared in Outside Magazine in 1995, written by John Krakauer.  Nothing has changed since then.  Nothing.


See Nick Gaglia’s film about Aaron Bacon here:

The full film is free to view on Nick’s website.

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