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Feelings Are Facts – YOUR Facts

You are not responsible for someone else’s feelings. If someone says to you, “you made me angry.” (sad, scared, uncomfortable or any other negative feeling), Reject the idea that you are to blame. Blaming another for your feelings is like blaming another for a headache. Unless you smacked the person over the head with a […]

Silence Is Golden – How To Handle Conflict

Mature, true, honest and loving communication happens face to face, where you can see one another’s expressions, body language and hear the person in the moment, feeling their presence and being. Listening to another person requires your entire mind, body and spirit.Second to in person, is the use of the telephone. Although you cannot see […]

What Women Want – What Men Have

Women are taught to compete with one another. We are brought up comparing ourselves to each other. We are set up from birth to compete for the attention of males. We are socialized to judge ourselves fiercely and judge other women against ourselves. We develop disordered eating and self-esteem problems and this can lead to […]