Rape for Cocaine – Behavior of Members of AA/NA


Yet another example of the kinds of folks attracted to the cult religion known as AA and the 12 steps.  “Defense attorney Patrick Robbins presented a witness who said that Kenney was a regular at Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings up until this event.”  Hmmmmm?  He then told the court, “She was doing a great job until this came up.”

Really?  Until THIS CAME UP?!?!  You mean until she allowed her drug dealer to rape her niece for cocaine.  Oh yeah, she was a model fucking citizen.  She blamed all her actions on her drug habit.  Welcome to the 12 steps.

I will continue to post these lovely little stories until AA and all the 12 step cult religious organizations are the fringe cults they are destined to become … and the US court system discontinues illegally mandating people into the cult.   Until then, welcome to the truth.

2 comments on “Rape for Cocaine – Behavior of Members of AA/NA

  1. Thank you.. Keep posting.. love it

  2. Thank you Timothy. The idea that her attorney is pushing – that her membership in 12 step cult religion proves that she is a model citizen and the judge using her ‘drug addiction’ as the cause of her behavior – only further proves the insane cultural indoctrination.
    The opposite is true. Her ‘program’ tells her she is powerless and cannot trust her own thinking. A get-away-with-any-abhorrent behavior card. Sick and twisted. The ‘program’ should be on trial right along with her.
    Your support is very much appreciated.

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