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The Fix – Bankrupt and Shutting Down



Read the two links provided.  This is a shame.  More and more The Fix was allowing open debate and features that revealed the damages behind the 12 step recovery industry.  The original founder Maer Roshan, is being blamed in some circles.  He was forced out when it was revealed that he was still drinking – the abstinence-or-nothing mantras of the 12 steps make it impossible for anyone to successfully moderate.  Maer was awarded $30,000 to leave and never look back.  He declined this pittance of an offer.  He is currently in a counter-suit.  Rather than rally around him, they kicked him out.  This is in line with how most 12 step rehabs will handle a relapse by a client – rather than help them, they will kick them out.  If they die after being kicked out, the steppers use this as proof that their way is the only way.  It is all backasswards.

Maer is not to blame for the demise of The Fix.  He started it and put in far more than $30,000 to get it started.  He has moved on and is better off without The Fix.  Maer and I have communicated via facebook private messaging.  He is a decent man.  For the team to kick him when he was down is typical stepper behavior.  They are monsters.

Their major advertisers were 12 step rehabs.  The Fix relied on these advertisers to pay their staff and administrators.  I am going to further investigate but for now, I can say that I know Maer is not to blame and they are definitely shutting down. I will not reveal my source but my source is (was) an editor at The Fix.  They are bankrupt.

My supposition is that as the content became more critical of the 12 step cult religion, advertisers pulled out.  At this writing, this is purely supposition and I will investigate further.

Tuesday August 27, 2013 – in digging deeper, I have found that deputy editor Walter Armstrong claims that fighting Roshan’s lawsuit is the cause for the Fix’s bankruptcy.  However, I don’t buy it.  Roshan was not involved with the Fix after they kicked him out for 17 months before the closing.  Their bankruptcy is their own doing … beginning from when they kicked Roshan out for his troubles rather than supporting him.   You get what you deserve in this life.


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