Religious NOT ‘spiritual’ – A legal case won in California against the 12 step cult religion

“(Hereinafter, a 12-step program will always refer to a religion-based treatment program.)”

Please see link below for the court case legal documents.  As you will see, his parole officer is a stepper and threatened Mr. Hazle with prison time if he did not participate in the 12-step program at Empire Recovery Center in Northern California.  The fact that 12 step programs are religious is not in question.  They are now working on his compensation for emotional damages and 100 additional days lost liberty when being sent back to jail after refusing religious 12 step treatment.  More shall indeed be revealed.



6 comments on “Religious NOT ‘spiritual’ – A legal case won in California against the 12 step cult religion

  1. Bitchin!

    Peace always.

  2. Wow Great article Laura! This will help me with my addressing the courts here in Ohio !

  3. I actually think it will do AA some good to admit to itself that it is so religious program. This would allow those who are looking for a religious solution to join and those that are looking for some other help such as a proper medical,evidence based solution to go elsewhere. I had no idea that AA was all about God when I joined and was not told about alternative groups that would have been more suitable when I asked.
    Many in AA have lost sight of the fact that most newcomers really just need some new friends and a bit of support and are too ready to try and sponsor and impose the steps. They are trying to validate the methods they have used to themselves.

    • They will never nor can ever admit the manipulative lies of ‘spiritual not religious.’ That lie is the foundation of all their principles. Placing lies before truth.

      Also, if they admitted to this lie, they would not be able to continue to recruit members through prisons and the us court system. This program works so poorly it must keep itself alive by fooling judges into thinking they are mandating (illegally) people to a self help group. This program does not help anyone but the program itself.

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