‘Disease’ episode South Park – Alcoholics Anonymous Is A Dangerous Lie


If you have not had the chance to view this South Park episode, now is your chance.  You do not have to admit anything!  You are NOT powerless.  You do NOT have to be converted to the AA cult religion.  You do NOT have a deadly disease.  Ridiculous nonsense.

Hilarious.  Enjoy.

5 comments on “‘Disease’ episode South Park – Alcoholics Anonymous Is A Dangerous Lie

  1. […] un episodo de South Park que deja al desnudo —de forma muy graciosa, como siempre— la peligrosa mentira y el ridículo sinsentido del famoso “Programa de doce pasos” de Alcohólicos Anónimos —organización […]

    • Muchas gracias for commenting. I wish I spoke Spanish as well as you do. Yes, death of independent thought is all that is available to you if you believe the ridiculous faith healing cult religion known as AA. Peace to you.

  2. Loved that episode! And it is true. MY wife was told by some AL-anon “sponsor” that I too had a “disease” and that it was best if she stay away from me (after we had separated)These people are dangerous..many, many vulberable people, as alcoholics and spouses of such, trust this organization blindly, and the damage is incredible. I was caught in that web for years, believing that every time I had a bad thought or emotion, it was, as they insist “my disease.” A famous line inn my local groups is “Your disease is awake while oyu sleep, and is grows in you while you sleep, so you are very vulnerable to your disease when you wake up.” WTF? This is lunacy! AA is haven for people who want to believe they are powerless, and “Sponsors” who want to feel powerful by preying on them with this outdated, disproven cultish crap!

    • Have you seen the Book Of Mormon? It’s hihofuckinglarious. Has nada to do with the cult religion known as the 12 steps but has everything to do with religion. At least organized religions do not lie to members by claiming to be ‘spiritual, not religious.’ Sham. Anyway, if you have not seen the musical Book Of Mormon … It is one of the top 10 musicals ever produced. And of course written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone … The South Park guys.

  3. I will definitely look for that!

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