Is Alcoholics Anonymous Really Spiritual Not Religious?

Monica Richardson and I discuss this topic on her radio show.  Listen and enjoy!  It was a BLAST!


4 comments on “Is Alcoholics Anonymous Really Spiritual Not Religious?

  1. I thought it was a good show, some funny stuff but with many good points.

    • Thanks for listening! The 12 steps is not only religious, it’s its own special religion disguised as medicine. This religion should NOT be in any treatment plan. Ever.

      Based on this discussion, I am in the process of writing a blog article. The show got me thinking more about what we are dealing with here. This religion called the 12 steps is actually an outright danger to religious freedom. Let’s call it what it is … A cult religion. If that works for someone, great! But at least practice what you preach with that whole ‘rigorous honesty’ idea. The quest for honesty is universal, but using this universal quest to hide its religious nature to lure people into self-demeaning rituals while converting them is criminal. More to follow.

  2. something i am more in contact with than ever before in my 35 years of abstinence: in an IDEAL sense, Alcoholics Anonymous is a spiritual program; as practiced, it is mostly EGOCENTRIC, so much so that this matter is rarely brooched since the masquerade would then be stripped.
    as for RELIGIOUS vs SPIRITUAL, i think god has little to do w/religion. unfortunately, religion has run off w/god. all religion, synthetic, man-made, is false. god cannot favor one religion over another. the SPIRIT is beyond all this cant & claptrap. god is a word, a catchall term meaning YHWH knows what.

    • NO. At its ideal, your beloved 12 steps are a dangerous cult religion. Just because a bunch of brainwashed people chant the lie ‘spiritual not religious’ does not make it true. AA is its own special soul crushing religious sect of fundamental Christianity based on the misogynistic teachings from the oxford group where your guru Wilson plagiarized his ‘steps.’ Stop defending a dangerous cult religion.

      As for your rant on religion, you couldn’t be more wrong. Religion is a beautiful practice for millions of people, in fact the vast majority of people on planet earth. You should really acquire an education based on more than the lies chanted ‘in the rooms.’ Just the fact that you brag about 35 years of making a choice not to drink a beverage in the same comment defending the ‘ideal’ version of your cult religion is proof plenty of the damage this ‘program’ has inflicted on your brain.

      Keep coming back. To my blog and all the other research for truth.

      Good luck

      (This was my earlier reply to this ridiculous and all too common protest from steppers.

      The exchange then went like this:

      From him to me
      why are you so angry?
      look up Agent Orange & his online tome on AA as a cult.
      so long!

      From me back to him
      Every single one of you steppers go there – presuming how someone is feeling based on the truth about your cult religion. Truth sometimes hurts but it’s still truth.
      Good luck

      From him
      thanks for the well-wishing. i need it.

      Then I recommended the Robert Warner book to him. He referred me to the orange papers. I let him know that I am very well versed in the orange papers.

      It’s never new, the level of brainwashing but it’s always a good reminder of why our work is so important.

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