Dangerous Criminals In Your Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Happy April all you lovely humans

These two sick-fuck pieces of shit met in an AA meeting.  I wish I could say this is an April Fools joke but unfortunately it is as real as it gets.  It’s a short article and it’s disturbing but the truth is more important than ignorance.  This is just one of many stories most of which are not reported, because of the ‘outside issues’ excuse and the ‘anonymity’ excuse.  12 step groups are not safe.  Period.


15 comments on “Dangerous Criminals In Your Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

  1. Did I miss the part in story about this sex predator GOING TO, or being an advocate OF, 12 Step groups? Perhaps “outing” the group he goes/has gone to, who help (in order to know where to stay away from-or shine the spotlight on! )

    • The article states they met in an AA meeting. Shining the spotlight on the entire cult is helpful. The groups are full of predators like these two. The story got attention because they abused a minor. Otherwise, it most likely would not have gotten as much attention. The point is to stay away from AA. The point is also to not trust anyone there and not to divulge any personal information … which is of course impossible. All they do is disclose personal information.

      If you want to research and find the exact group they attended, go for it. I care not since these criminals exist in every AA group.

      • You are right in that the predators exist in all groups. On the website “orange-papers/org, there is a “forum” (blog) that many can contribute to. One of these “vigilant posters” gives the EXACT meeting locations at which he hears of abuse, false information, etc. going on. Shining a light on the cockroaches makes them scatter-and its FUN too! 😉

        • Yep! Cockroaches are here to stay but we can keep them at bay by shining a light, trapping them, poisoning them and killing them.

          • Poisoning and killing them I will leave to any “sociopathic, serial-killing” elements that may be in their midst (and were I one, it is SO where I would start! 😉 Ch. 1 in the “The Serial Killer’s Handbook”-Picking your “target” population! 😉

            • Symbolically not figuratively. That’s what video games are for. 12 step groups are a sociopath’s dream come true.

              • More like a Sex PREDATOR’S dream come true! If they were a sociopath’s dream come true, they would have already rid the world of 12 Step attendees, and the groups they attend, and done the world a big favor! 😉 (Socially unacceptable as it is and all! 😉

      • I am a writer for The Fix and working on a story somewhat related to this. I would love to talk to you for sources and more information. How might I contact you?

  2. @Cougarblogger: You have some amazing, great, accurate posts here, & I look forward to reading more.
    I recently self-published a book on what these 12-Step programs are really like, and it’s great to see so many other people coming forward with blogs, websites, and books.

    • Can you provide a link to your book? Nice job! Thank you so much for commenting. People deserve to know the truth, be informed and make appropriate choices based on truth … not religious indoctrination disguised as medicine.

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