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Laurie Birmingham Does It Again. Three Views – One Phenomenal Actress.

“Birmingham delivers a great performance, giving us a harrowing reincarnation of Albee’s Martha. Her Jesse drinks and says too much, spewing the toxic anger of a woman whose husband never made enough money or gave enough intimacy. Even the tradeoff — security — has now vanished; Poppy has had the audacity to not only get sick but also insist he wants to die.”

Of course Laurie Birmingham delivers more than a ‘great’ performance. He calls her performance ‘great’ because it’s an ensemble piece and it’s just not appropriate to fawn over one of them and with this cast, this show has got to be a-fucking-mazing. Without even seeing it yet (and that she was singled out in an ensemble review), I can guar-an-fucking-tee you that Laurie is far more than ‘great.’ I am going to bawl through this entire thing. I am flying up from LA for the experience. MY review to follow.

If you are in Milwaukee, or anywhere near Milwaukee … you will miss life-transforming magic if you do not go.  Now.


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