How to Do a 4th Step – The Example Given in the Big Book

While recently researching the steps, I was in chapter 5 of the Big Book and found the instructions for 4th step work.   http://www.aa.org/bigbookonline/en_bigbook_chapt5.pdf   Please click on this link to scroll down until you see the three columns you are to make and fill in for your moral inventory.

12-2-2014  ATTENTION:  I have been alerted that the link above will take you to the BB online but not to the original page I published.  Sneaky fuckers.  Click on the link, go to Chapter 5 How It Works, and look at page 65.

Alternately, if you have a book near you, check it out.  In the EXAMPLE in the book, he  is resentful that Mr. Brown told his wife about his MISTRESS.  He is also resentful that his boss has established a boundary around his destructive drinking.  Worst of all, he is resentful with his wife for asking that their house be put in her name.  What a fucking bitch !!!!    How dare she ask for such a thing!  This nag who misunderstands him is really getting in the way of his life with his mistress, and his stealing money from his boss is a real threat to his security.  If I had not read it in the actual book, I never would have believed it.  It’s there … all of it, in black and white that has remained unchanged since it’s first printing in 1938.

For fuck’s sake. Just these examples alone should send people running for the door. Too bad people are so vulnerable and will do anything presented as a solution.  Too bad this dangerous cult religion has duped the culture enough to give off the impression they are attending some SAFE self-help group.

Let’s spread the word.  You nor anyone else is safe in a 12 step program.  This cult religion is full of people angry that their wives found out about their mistress, and equally angry that she wants some financial security.  This cult religion is full of people who are angry with their boss for calling them on their stealing from the company and drinking so much it affects their productivity.  This cult religion is full of people who will steal from you and blame you for blowing their cover with their infidelity.  Just the idea of having to do a moral inventory produces extreme cognitive dissonance.  This requirement is presuming you are a moral defective in need of a cleansing from the lack of god in your unmanageable, insane, powerless life.  It’s in the guide BOOK !!!!

Stay away.  Stay far, far away.

12 comments on “How to Do a 4th Step – The Example Given in the Big Book

  1. ANd it affects his self-esteem? I’d think it would create guilt in the adulterer husband. Or maybe it’s the fault of his wife; perhaps she’s no longer ‘putting out’ in bed. Or NO….maybe the husband found out Bill W was an adulterer, therefore making the cult member feel it is quite alright to have a mistress. I mean, if their Holy Guru Bill W did it, and Lois was OK with it, and none of the other cult zombies said anything about Helen Wynn, then it MUST be OK in the cult religion known as Alcoholics Anonymous. Fuck around! If it was good for Bill W, it’ll be good for you too! Not.


    • Exactly what I was thinking! The right feeling is shame and guilt— not resentment. You cheat and you feel guilt. You don’t get mad at your spouse! This is all twisted and backwards.

  2. The best way to DISCREDIT the NONSENSE of A.A.’s steps is to remind “Big Book” readers that: 1.) the nonsense was PUBLISHED in 1939, and has NOT BEEN UPDATED SINCE (75 years later!), 2.) NO REPUTABLE PUBLISHER even in 1939 would publish the nonsense, and 3.) JAMA’s 10/14/1939 “review” of the book, “Alcholics Anonymous” really stated all that needed to be said about it, and that was (and remains!), that it “has NO literary, or scientific value”. The best way then to get these godforsaken “steps” out of print, would be to START BURNING A.A. books, and start picketing A.A. meetings where the nonsense is “evangelized” at! 😉

  3. good information

  4. AA is not a self-help group it’s a self-hate group. The 12 steps will make you feel worse about your self than you did before you started.

    • Very well said Adam. This group is designed to rip any remaining sense of self worth you might have away so that you come to believe you cannot possibly be a decent person without it. Diabolical.

      • Rebecca Farnsworth, in her book, “12 Step Horror Stories” pointed out that those “directing” the “4th Stepping” are all about focusing on the WRONGS a person has done-as opposed to anything RIGHT a person has done (e.g. remaining sober another day!). Its a wonder there are not more SUICIDES in this “4th Stepping” that those brainwashed into “12 Stepping” are humiliated to “incorporate”! 

        • No shit. I do believe there are many more suicides directly relate to the 12 step cult religion than we hear about. They (like Robin Williams) are blamed for their unhappiness (inability to not “get it”), rather than this horrific 12 step cult indoctrination.

          Thank you so much for commenting. Please share everywhere.

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  6. The worst part of all this, is as soon as they “identify” as an alcoholic or addict, they are relieved of any resonsibility by their new program overlords. Their admission of having a substance problem seems to supersede the pain and damage they have, and are still causing. They are told “it’s not your fault because YOU have a disease!” The amends step is a joke, just like their moral inventory. They have no morals.

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