AA Lies … Otherwise Known as ‘The Promises’

Have you ever heard the Promises of AA?  They are one of many sets of lies available to every disciple.

Below, you will find these Promises the cult religion of AA makes to each and every member.  There are thirteen which is highly humorous because although AA claims to have 12 steps, everyone who has been anywhere near this cult knows better.  There are 13 steps.  What is the 13th step you ask?  Sexual harassment and rape.  I wish I were exaggerating.  What do members do about it?  They justify and diminish and mock it and cover up for the criminal predator scumbag.  Even worse, they tell the victim to ‘find your part‘ in the rape and to forgive their rapist.

Yep.  So here you have the so-called Promises.  The promises are numbered.  The truth is below each one.  In bold.  That the majority of them claim a ‘we‘ and an ‘us‘ is a hallmark of a cult.  Enjoy and please share.

1.  If we are painstaking about this phase of our development, we will be amazed before we are half way through . . .

If you follow this dangerous cult religion and do not rock the boat or question any of the disempowering dogma, you will be required to stuff your instincts away and fake ‘amazement.’  And like it!

2.  We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness.

You will be sentenced to a cult religion for the rest of your life and as long as you believe the horrible tenets of this cult, you will never be free.  Forget about happy.  You’re a fucking alcoholic!

3.  We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it.

Your past was nothing but you being a selfish asshole and as long as you stay in this cult, you will never be able to let go of any regrets you may have.  Never.  Suck it up Sunshine.

4.  We will comprehend the word serenity.

You will chant Serenity!! like George Constanza’s dad in Seinfeld but chanting a word only makes one mentally disturbed in this cult of psychological violence.

5.  We will know peace.

You will never have another peaceful moment in your life but you will be able to claim and fake having peace only in meetings drinking horrible coffee, eating stale cookies and bobbing your head in agreement with seriously fucked up claims like “I am a grateful alcoholic.”  

6.  No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our experience can benefit others.

Even though you are the scum of the earth, you will find salvation ‘in the roomz‘ and ONLY in the rooms if you embellish your ‘share‘ to force yourself to become ‘one of us‘ … and bring in fresh blood to the cult.  Of course.  

7.  That feeling of uselessness and self-pity will disappear.

With or without our cult you are useless and full of nothing but self-pity.  Now your self-esteem will disappear as well.  Boo Hoo For You.  

8.  We will lose interest in selfish things and gain interest in our fellows.

You will be a slave to AA commitments and will spread the cult dogma wherever you go.  In fact, you will be the most annoying, preachy son of a bitch at every party you attend.  Forever.  Amen.  

9.  Self-seeking will slip away.

Your selfish ass will never again be able to say no to an AA commitment and even your family will take a backseat to your AA life.  Otherwise, you die.  Sucker.

10.  Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change.

You will be a walking, talking zombie for the 12 step cult.  Your brain will be useless, dead to you without the cult.  The fucking end.  

11.  Fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us.

You will fear and pity ‘normies‘ (i.e.. anyone who has not had your fake spiritual awakening), and you will seriously consider leaving AA a large sum of money in your will.  Your family will just have to go fuck themselves.  That is, if you ever make it out of abject poverty while you are putting money ‘in the basket’ and you can NEVER leave us.  Bitch.  

12.  We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us.

You used to be a baffled, idiot and now you will forever be a baffled idiot … but with a head full of lies and hate for yourself and everyone else — without the right to feel the dreaded ‘resentment’ or any other normal, healthy feeling.  Too bad, how sad, you’re bad.

13.  We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.

You will turn your life over to the AA god (i.e.. Bill Wilson and all the old-timer gurus), and will completely give up on a satisfying life for yourself.  

So, there you have it. There they are along with the truth beneath the lies labelled promises.  The subterfuge is truly brilliant and terrifying.  These promises are the opposite of help.  They are abuse, as is every single aspect of AA and the 12 steps.

Happy New Year one and all.  My hope for you and those you love is a life truly free from this dangerous and horrible cult religion commonly known as AA.

— Laura Tompkins

55 comments on “AA Lies … Otherwise Known as ‘The Promises’

  1. BRILLIANT PIECE OF WORK , Laura!! You are an amazing writer , who has a talent and unique style of … Speaking the thuth , especially the Ugly Sick truth about the cult of alcoholics anonymous.
    It wrenches my gut every time I hear that one of our precious youth have been court ordered there.

    • Thank you Darlene! It concerns me greatly too. Good news is that I have parents contact me privately at least 3 times a week looking for help for their young adult children. People read my work and the work I share. They may not comment in public but they see it and when they need help, they reach out for it. It may be a small ripple in the tide but I will keep skipping rocks in their cult pond until the truth is known by the majority. Even if it takes the rest of my life. There is nothing more important for me to do with my time here. So nice to hear from you! I hope all is well. Happy new year.

  2. Excellent work picking apart the lies, and exposing the terrible mind-fuck cult religion, of Alcoholic Anonymous. You really cut them down to size.

  3. I always hated the promises.

  4. Your lashing of AA is by far my favorite, if I am looking for that comedy show type entertainment deprogramming. Truely brilliant.

    So, funny.

    I am restarting my blog up, http://therapevine.blogspot.com/

    It is a parody of the “Grapevine” magazine, as well as the stories in the books of all the 12step clones beyond AA.

    If you or any of your readers wish to write up a little story, of your experience I really need to build a wider base of stories. I am writing several of my own, and have a contributor by far.

    I kept trying to find your site, as I lost it in all the other sites I contribute to, but I got the link now… and plan to keep it! and hope to post more here soon.

    My site is different as I am not allowing comments, as the whole thing is intended to resemble a magazine or book. And I feel there are other venues where discussion is very good, and I do not wish to dillute that.

    • Thank you! It’s fun. I am a pretty upfront kinda gal and see no reason to hold back with this truth. I’ll check out your blog. Hey, you can allow comments or not, it’s your blog. The Grapevine is a joke, a very damaging and cult driven joke.

      Thank you for the link. You can share any article of your choosing there. Please do. My readers can choose for themselves. I will write up mine and send it to you.

      • The swearing bit is what I like so much. For many deprogrammers it is good to see such unadulterated resentment. It is ok to resent 12 step groups, they are abuseive. I hate all childmolesters, if they are AA or not, if that is a crime, so be it. I’m a criminal.

        But My 12 step resentment comes from direct experience, and finding out that so many others share it. Resentment is awsome, it spurrs people to create websights like this, and like mine! And actually help people.

        • Steppers love to claim that anyone who exposes their cult must be ‘angry’ … as if their anger is not justified and they have been brainwashed to actually believe they cannot ‘afford’ a normal feeling like the dreaded ‘resentment.’ Fuck that. First of all, I use the language I choose to use no matter what the fuck feeling I am experiencing … swearing or not. Fucking steppers.

          We are powerful creatures with a keen sense of survival skills. If we listen to our innate power, we know that this cult is nothing but a mind-fuck. That is simply the truth and has little to do with my personal feelings. I mean come on! The very first time you heard that you had a ‘disease,’ your instincts were calling (screaming) bullshit on that. Then the cult disciples let you know that they had the exact same ‘misconception’ as you before they learned more and looked for ‘similarities rather than differences.’ Fucking brainwashed trolls.

          In order to deprogram from this cult, you HAVE to get pissed. The cult disciples can go fuck themselves. After the anger comes the contentment of knowing that you GOT OUT. Then you celebrate. Forever. One of the ways of celebrating is to expose the truth. Suck it up Steppers.

          As you know, AA actively recruits convicts (pedophiles) from jails into the cult. Perfectly innocent people have no idea what they have gotten themselves into, sometimes until it is too late. That is criminal in itself. AA has to recruit from the scum of the earth to keep the ‘rooms’ full. Otherwise, the ‘program’ would be the shit on the grass it truly is. They know all about this and the corporate headquarters have voted to do NOTHING to protect members.

          Your feelings ARE facts for you when you are feeling them. And you CAN trust your own thinking. Your ‘worst’ thinking did not get you there. Your worst thinking got you to buy all this disempowering crap. Fucking steppers.

  5. I repeat,

    “Your lashing of AA is by far my favorite, if I am looking for that comedy show type entertainment deprogramming. Truely brilliant.”

    The part that you forgot however is that not only do they recruit from the prisons and mental hospitals, they at the same time produce wonderful cartoons for the kiddies pamplets, giving minor children ideas on how to get their parents to let them hang out there…. with the fellons, and mental patients.

    but I am a bigger person, I am a “spiritual” person so I am just gonna go about my day on that one,,, RIGHT.

    Because I certainly would not want to ruin my state of serenity by taking a stand on anything, RIGHT.

    • Right. Fucking pigeon.

      As if the brainwashed adults were not bad enough, they indeed do recruit children into rooms full of pedophiles. Loverly. All I want is a room somewhere, far away from the AA air.

  6. I remember holiday parties that myself and my ex-AA bf attended… You know how those “normies” might discuss upcoming surgery, their doctor’s advice, their kid’s school plans, what happened at work, where they went between 2 and 4 pm on Tuesday night… in AA you can have these “gaps” of information… and it’s ok! Your family just “knows” you were at an AA meeting and can’t say where you were. You go from being accused of “lying” while “out there using” and then, you are allowed to lie about being in AA and going to meetings!!! Your family and friends just have to accept you have a new secret life, it keeps you sober, but you can’t talk about it. Is everyone in AA James Bond or something? I didn’t get those promises coming true in my life. Freedom? I couldn’t share a damn thing that was really on my mind. I couldn’t tell people I went to AA!!

    • Yep. So if you were honest before you came in. you certainly did not stay honest! The program promotes, nay demands, dishonesty. The tradition of anonymity is not to protect you. The tradition is to protect the cult from public scrutiny –lest their lies and mental kidnapping be revealed.

      Also, they do not want you talking about your life in AA. If you did, when someone asked you what it’s like and how it helps you … you would have to eventually stop the thought-stopping chants and stop chanting lies like the ridiculous “I am a grateful alcoholic.” No you’re not. That’s like saying, “I thank my cancer for metastasizing and I will never be without it. Self-fulfilling prophesy much?

      What a racket!

      • If I didn’t already reply— The program “rewrites” or “edits” your life story to fit the “AA” story line. And this works on the most adolescent level of all— the desire to fit in and belong. And then also this works on the survival of the fittest idea— the strong pummel the weak “stick with the winners”….

        Anonymity— and this is written in many AA documents— was NEVER to protect the individual it was meant to safeguard AA from negative reviews… Therefore, Rarely Does it Fail!!!

        If I was able to be honest in AA I could talk about going to therapy, how therapy differed from AA, how it helped better. How AA’s negativity didn’t seem to be therapeutically healthy! But no, I had to divide my thinking, literally, to go to AA or go to therapy. It’s mental schizophrenia and it’s doctor-approved. How the hell is someone clinically sober for years still an alcoholic? Does a cancer patient in remission continue their chemo because once a cancer patient always a cancer patient? No way. Yes, you are right 10 thousand percent— it’s a racket. And not a tennis racket, which would be more useful than AA is.

        • Yep! To all of what you’ve written here Juliet.

          At least with a tennis racquet, you could swat the AA gnats to the ground. Far more useful.

  7. “War is Peace,
    Freedom is Slavery,
    and Ignorance is Strength” – BB

  8. Those damn AA promises always had the feel of a political party manifesto come election time. They were too deterministic and too good to be true

    Ironically, quite a few of them are coming true AFTER leaving AA. Particularly No.#2 and #10

    • Freedom and happiness with a better outlook after LEAVING AA is far more common than those who force themselves to embrace these empty promises.

      That’s a brilliant analogy. Lies. All lies. And dangerous since they are designed to strip one of any power you may have left after self-medicating for a serious issue. Akin to a politician’s empty promises but even more detrimental to the individual who is taught to berate themselves every day in meetings chanting lies disguised as promises … Day after day, month after month, year after year. It is impossible to ‘make it’ in that environment.

      No wonder AA disciples are so unhappy. They are ‘faking it till they make it’ when there is no way out. There is no ‘making it.’ Only ‘faking it.’

      Thank you!

  9. Dropped off the meetings recently for this very reason I’m actually very wary about it all. I’m 15 days sober now and this is exactly what I need to hear. Thank you for a great article, had me laughing a lot!

    • You’re welcome. It’s for you that I write. You are in the majority Will. 95% of people who set foot ‘in the roomz’ either do not benefit from them or are harmed by the lies and subterfuge. It’s the deprogramming from all the scare tactics and thought-stopping chants that is the most difficult to achieve with ‘a head full of AA.’ You have made the correct decision for you and you can walk proud knowing that you are free through your own ability to think for yourself.

      I encourage you to follow the path of your innate power. Only you know what is best for you and you should be rewarded for following your path rather than vilified and blamed for taking the path of self-empowerment. Most people with SUD (substance use disorder) have self-worth issues. Steppers would have you fake humility and leave your power to the AA god. This cult is designed to keep the roomz and the baskets full … In spite (in direct opposition), of the emotional well-being of members.

      Keep coming back my ass.

  10. One of the best things I ever got out of AA was an original strain of blistering herpes that is said to have originated with Dr. Bob. I’m grateful for my red lesions.

    • Bahahahahaha! That’s precisely what the brainwashed steppers would think. Trolls!

      • AA is a tradition in my family. My dad says he joined AA because he liked to drown his sorrows. Lucky for me, I never got into any swimming pools.

    • GREAT NEWS! We can now BLOCK these trolls on discus! Finally! To the right of their comments, you can now click on the arrow to find a ‘block’ option. Oh happy day!! Fucking bitch clarabelle/susanjones/abusive/pieceofshit has been relentlessly trolling and abusing me (even though I NEVER address anything ever to her no matter how she tries to bait) for YEARS. No MORE!

  11. I’m out of AA for 36 days now. I don’t feel the need to applaud that we stopped doing what we shouldn’t be doing in the first place. And I haven’t heard from a soul. All the phony friendships I’ve forged in 6 & a half years. They either don’t notice or don’t care that I’m not there. As Capt Kragen. Said, “God sent an angel to speak to the mother of His only Son, but He speaks directly to these jizz-bags.”

    • BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Jizz-bags indeed.

      Here’s the thing Paulie. They DO notice but they’re too full of fear that you have found the true “miracle” to contact you lest their feeble minds be challenged … Stay the fuck away from a dangerous cult religion. Nice work.

      Thanks so much for commenting.

  12. I’d like to read the 13th step as also including physical intimidation and violence.
    Just my experience.

    • That’s most people’s experience in AA. Rape is certainly physical intimidation and violence.

      Thanks for commenting! Please share.

  13. I left AA after 20 years for GOOD! In fact, I tapered off in the last 5 years or so because I got tired of hearing the bullshit. It was easy being possessed by those cultists. I have seen over the years the bullshit some folks had to endure at the hands of these narcissists. I was really pissed off at hearing the Promises read at lots of meetings, that I always got up to go to the bathroom every time. The catalyst in ending this thing was seeing how nasty and pissed off the minions got when I dared state that I used AA as a bridge Back To Life, and I was living one! I always said this at the end of each meeting when they said the Lord’s Prayer Which I NEVER EVER chanted, “…And The Baybee Jaysus!” I was not well liked, but I showed the cult that I was doing better than they were because “Took what I needed and left the rest”. Screw them! Let those people wallow in their misery. I had quite a time breaking away and it ultimately took 20 years.
    It truly was a mind fuck for me, but I did it!

    • Oh Jeff you SHOULD feel pride for this monumental accomplishment. Your BEST thinking is your friend without a doubt if you were, after 20 years!!!!, still able to get the fuck out.

      The deprogramming after all the disempowering shaming is a far more difficult road than all the drunkalougues would have you believe. You are one impressive man!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Screw them indeed!

  14. Thank you for replying. This blog is very helpful to read so I can verify my true existence in this world instead of feeling like a Moonie, or something…I feel mind raped by the whole experience.

    • That’s cuz you were! The good news is, you survived and are working through it. They will continue to be condescending pricks and “pray for you” while “holding a seat” for you … All the while wishing you FAIL miserably and come crawling back begging for “what they have” and admit you’re “powerless.” BILLShit. All BILLShit.

      Here’s a new mantra for you, “Thanks for sharing assholes, I am better off on my own.” Your real family and friends (and ME) are healthier for you than even the nicest stepper.

      Always remember that they have the exact opposite of what you need. Forever. Amen.

  15. your right ,fuck AA

  16. Just saw this one, Laura. You know how much I love your writing and commentary..

    Regarding #7, How can you feel useless when you’re too busy sweeping cigarette butts outside church parking lots, stacking chairs, making coffee, baking “birthday” cakes, driving “newbies” around to meetings, making “commitments”, taking calls from distressed “sponsees” at all hours of the night, picking people up for “recovery” rallies, on and on and on, I’m exhausted just thinking about it, but door-knob-forbid if you don’t!

    #11, Not only putting money in the basket, but buying strips upon strips of those raffle tickets. Anybody up for the next GA meeting at 9? I thought so.

  17. Excellent

  18. I agree. Its a “work” based program… and its a self esteem “crushing” program. I agree
    Excellent article. I have done AA for just over a year and I agree with almost every single point you said here.

  19. I’ve been reading your blog most of the day, and as much pain as I’ve been in lately since losing my fiance to this despicable 12 Step Zombie danger, I feel better especially reading this particular entry. I knew I wasn’t alone, but now my anger is coming back, hopefully to overshadow the pain of loss and grief. Fuck those pathetic Night Of The Living Dead home wreckers!

  20. AA was horrific.
    The toxic bullying, the leery predarors, the sponsors fighting for control.

    It was beyond damaging to me emotionally and phychologically.

    I got better, as soon as I decided Id had enough of the weirdness and took actiin for myself.

    But my horror story has a awful ending.
    I kept contact with 1 person, who seemed not sucked into the dogma.
    He tapped my phone, gave personal information to a predator who used it to get me alone, drug me and sexually assault me.

    When I tried to tell/warn others…I got told I was very sick, paranoid, a drama lover, troublemaker and I waa headed for jail, psych ward or death.

    So, not only did I get set up to be abused, I was then verbally abuswd and threatened by several bullies who said I had no compassion…

    It has ruined a big part of me.
    I don’t drink…because I realised I was traumatised thats why I drank…so I got real help and support for that.

    But now knowing that these truly dangerous, sick and twisted perverts are all hiding in church’s and the community is so sickening.

    I’m hoping I can recover from this attack, but it has eaten away at any faith I had in people or that there are genuine people who don’t just want to roll you.

    I wish I could speak out about everything I witnessed and just how awful it all is.

    Seeing newcomers being pounced on by controlling, domineering ‘sponsors’
    Telling them all kinds of B.S.

    Biggest regret of my life was going to those rooms.

    Sick, sick, sick stuff.

    • I so wish this was not such a horrifically common story. There are many, many women (and men by the way), who have been traumatized by predators in the 12 step cult religion. Your experience of being blamed for an assault is a knife in an open wound. I am so sorry to hear about your experience. The “rooms” are filled with criminals emboldened by their protective cult.

      You can be PROUD that you got away from these people and got some evidence based help. Your wish to help others, to warn them against this dangerous cult is admirable. However, it’s not your job. The entire culture is brainwashed to believe the many lies of this dangerous cult and I can tell you from years of experience, only those who are enlightened, either by a personal experience or through extensive study, will know what you know or accept what you know. You have been enlightened to the truth and for that you can hold your head high and know that you will never again allow someone access to you until the have demonstrated they deserve you. Yes, the 12 step cult religion will always blame the victim and now you know that. Helping yourself, writing here as much as you want, telling your story to a safe counselor, having all your feelings, is your way out. (You can also file a police report against this person as long as it’s safe for you to do so… you are not his first victim nor will you be his last so an anonymous police report will do.) As generous as it is to want to warn others, it’s not your responsibility. Each person must help themselves before they can help another. Be PROUD for your survival skills. You did nothing wrong. He has assaulted before you and continues to get away with it with the support of his cult. That is not your problem to fix.

      You are on the road to freedom and no one can veer you off track. Fuck the 12 step cult religion and all the sick fuck disciples. Your feeling ARE facts and you need never stuff your enlightenment again.

      Please keep writing your truth and I will keep honoring you with a safe place here.

  21. I appreciate your candor on this topic. I am one of those who is court ordered to attend meetings much to me dismay. This whole program is a crock of shit. I never had serious problems moderating my drinking until I was forced into total abstinence. Since then I’ve actually become a problematic drinker. Nobody is allowed to question any of it. I express my concerns and skepticism to dead ears and closed minds. AA has done nothing but harm in my experience. I can barely force myself to go to mandatory meetings. The people are so condescending and unwilling to be challenged. For an hour I have to listen to a bunch of people twice my age talk about fucking lawncare and auto repair, and how the hell is that supposed to be considered peer based counselling? I hope this whole crock of bullshit gets exposed for the outright lie it is, and how much harm it is doing. I am desperate for the day I no longer have to be forced to sit and listen to a bunch of pretentious brainwashed condescending hopeless alcoholics trying to force me into letting myself be brainwashed with this harmful crap.

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