Super Bowl XLIX – 2015 — Insights From The Chef — BULLIES ON THE FIELD

You can be PROUD to be American.

Well, what a game!  Sometimes the Super Bowl is a blow out due to a team getting lucky in one playoff game.  There are many reasons why the big game ends up not being even close to the best of the year.  We all know this and look forward to the years when the Superbowl is an even match, where we are kept riding the game until the last moment.  Tonight our hopes were realized.  This one was a great game!

The American Superbowl is a national holiday.  We make special foods.  We get together with friends and family. Go to annual parties or throw one ourselves. We have pride in our country and our national sport.  Kids are all over the place playing football.  It’s almost like another 4th of July.  We barbecue and use it as an excuse to drink and eat a bit too much. American Football is a video game we all play together for one day, and we Americans love our video games!

We also love a good story of a local American man making a difference in our favorite pastime for his family.  Chris Matthews of Kentucky going from working 2 jobs (Foot Locker and a security guard somewhere), to the instant, unknown hero of the big game … now that’s a good American hero story.

We love a hero’s journey.  It’s one day, like the 4th, when we can be proud to be American.

This Superbowl was one for the books.  Too many to count AMAZING plays, calls, ‘did-you-just-fucking-see-that‘ moments in this one.  It was so much fun to watch.

That is, until the last 2 plays when the Seahawks decided to start a brawl and the Patriots joined right in.  When I read about a soccer (the original football) field brawl in Ireland or the like, it is usually the fans who get into some shit with each other.

Tonight these ‘players-gangsters-thugs’ decided to make complete asses of themselves at the end of the game.  They suddenly turned into street-dogs, pushing, punching and throwing each other around.  Hey, FUCK YOU.

I can’t believe I got up early and made special food for these BULLIES.  I can’t believe I made a special trip to the (packed!) market for this day, fighting the crowds, the traffic.  I can’t believe I bothered to schedule my day around this group of abusive thugs and their show.  I also can’t believe there were so many of them involved in this fight.  How embarrassing.

What amazes me most is the fact that these men are such big pieces of shit posing as heroes.  Really?  You can’t take winning or losing like a man.  Really?  You can’t just walk away from a bully.  Really?  You’re grown men with an incredible amount of money for playing a game you love, and you can’t seem to celebrate and allow the winning team to revel in their victory.  Just because someone starts some shit does not mean you have to join them in their abuse.  What the fuck is wrong with these men?  There is just no excuse for what happened at the end of this game.  I am disgusted.  What a bunch of thugs and bullies.

I am pissed.  Never again will I get up early on a Sunday and start cooking for this national pastime holiday.  They are not worth it.  Never again will I tune into this show.  Never again will I go out of my way for a game filled with nothing but street thugs.  It’s one thing for a couple of dogs to get into a fight.  You’re grown, thinking adult human men!!  What the fuck is wrong with you?!

If this is the role modeling for the next generation of athletes, we are in deeper shit than I imagined … and I imagine some pretty deep shit.  We are drowning in it.

Back to the norm — Embarrassed to be an American.  At least it’s a familiar feeling.  Fucking thugs.  Thanks for nothin.

Happy Superbowl Day.

PS.  If you find yourself excusing or justifying this travesty at the end of the game. that’s okay.  I reject it soundly. Just the fact that we try to rationalize it is enough to declare it a sham.

I declare that we can rationalize it all we want but that in no way changes the facts.  They are a bunch of street thugs and bullies and there is no justification for what just went down.  We may be desensitized to violence but this is far more than that.  If I had a son, I would fear for his future.

Oh but, Happy Superbowl Day.  Twill be my last.  How depressing.  Like a craps game that has lost it’s hot thrower, I am out.  Tip the dealer for the ride but that table is spent.

— Laura Tompkins

12 comments on “Super Bowl XLIX – 2015 — Insights From The Chef — BULLIES ON THE FIELD

  1. Thugs on and off of the field
    kill dogs
    beat your kid
    beat your woman
    stab a dude
    murder a few
    finance drug deals
    and this is just what is exposed
    NFL, business as usual

  2. Your editorial deserves to be placed on ALL social media! May it go viral! And to echo your sentiments, I think the Coca-Cola SB ad NAILED the anti-bullying sentiment perfectly.

  3. i have to agree with you ….nough said …..

    • Thanks Foster. My healthy anger led to a lot of feedback all over. After the game, I had to write something about this I was so pissed. One of the best parts of the Super Bowl is watching the celebration. I left the room, completely missing any trophy awarding or interviews, and wrote instead to off-gas the anger.

      There are healthy ways of dealing with anger — writing is one. There are also stupid, irresponsible and idiotic way of dealing with anger — the fighting which these so-called athletes choose to participate.

      But hey, they gave me contact with some very cool people. Like you.

      Still no excuse for that shit but gotta look at the upside.

  4. I played outside in the sunshine Sunday. I don’t do sports. I would however like to show up at a Super Bowl someday and hold up a sign that reads – “Can you imagine if this many people showed up (worldwide) for something that actually mattered?”

  5. NFL=== No Females a’LLowed…. Sexist organization. Cheerleaders make minimum wage to “shake it” for the fella’s…. These men make a shit ton of money each year for being strong, mighty, powerful athletes. This is a good role model for men. However, how many strong, might, powerful athletic women sports are we watching? We tune in for the Super Bowl and the World Series each year in record numbers supporting our “men” but do we do the same for women’s sports? Possibly only during the Olympics. I am not surprised these men lose it and lash out…. they are at the top… they are ego-driven and why not be? The Super Bowl is the epitome of sports— er, men’s sports! And then cut to the Grammy’s where women and domestic violence were hot topics…. please, give me a break. America!

    • Thank you Juliet. You are absolutely correct.

      It’s not surprising in the least but disappointing nonetheless. There is no excuse for their appalling choices. I for one, will never spend my time, energy and money on it again. I’d rather do just about anything else … Like watch paint dry. 😃

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