Hello Enlightened Readers!

Just a quick post to inform you lovely people of this new domain change.  (Cougarblogger is automatically redirected so no worries).

I first named my blog Cougarblogger when I started writing a blog in general, not knowing it would turn into a work mostly to expose the 12 step cult religion dangers.  As an older and wiser woman, I find the term Cougar to be hilarious and I joke, “Call me a mountain lion and you’re bound to get BIT!”  When I started to write more and more about this horrible cult religion, the issue with the domain name came up, and has remained an issue.  Not my issue, but an issue for 12 Step disciples.  Of course.

Over the years, I have had brainwashed steppers make any excuse to avoid facing the truth about their little cult religion.  One of these excuses goes something like, “How could you listen to a writer who calls herself Cougarblogger?”  Of course, these unfortunates will do and say anything in an attempt to defend their cult — a hallmark of a cult is the inability to allow for ANY dissent from the cult principles.  As we all know, one of the first brainwashing tactics of this cult is to demand members embrace the idea that their best thinking is their enemy.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but they care not!

So, here we go.  I have now changed the domain name of this brilliant blog from Cougarblogger to 12STEPCULTRELIGIONEXPOSED.  

Steppers are going to have to kiss my shapely ass.

Love you all!

Laura Chupack-Tompkins


  1. Congratulations Laura, I think you made a wise decision, I really like the new domain name.

    • Thanks Jason! They actually do not make it easy to make this change but I figured it out! Hope you are well.

  2. Congrats, I have just recently started delving into wordpress and all it idiosyncrasies. Yoda would say “hmmm Intuitive it is not struggle you will”

    Looking forward to reading your post

  3. In my experience you are upright, honest, and worthy of great respect, whatever your internet name is.

  4. I have been 22 years in that cess pit. I am a nice woman here in London, UK and I
    Realise now That all I took in there was abuse from other women. The men in there are
    Very nice, but some of the women hate you because you are nice, dress nice, have a
    Nice handbag, they hate you if you have a nice husband who respects you, they would
    Like you to say nasty things about him because they hate their husband and some of
    Them have children,
    They love their big book and some have Council flats , they have so much but think
    Others have more, There are greedy old bags in there and nice men get targeted by
    Them. These women think they are on top, they are pure scum. There are lovely
    Decent family men in there and they are lovely and I got so much joy from you nice
    God bless all you in there,

    I love you nice people who are suffering. I sober in there, but when you get in there be
    Careful and watch out. Be very aware, you can get sober but take care and avoid
    Nasties, You can meet nice people but there are some nasties in there, little groups.

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