Steven Tyler Makes Prince’s Death All About Steven Tyler



Just like a good, brainwashed stepper, Tyler has made a tragedy for someone else, all about his fake disease and the blame the victim dogma that goes along with it, from his beloved 12 step cult religion.

In the link provided below, you will see how sickeningly brainwashed Tyler is under the BILLShit of the 12 step cult.  Steppers are, of course, coming to Tyler’s defense claiming he is being compassionate. No. Wrong.  Get a grip.

Just like a good stepper, he has made this all about his pseudo humility and fake compassion.Tyler even sneaks in a snippet of his vilification (and sneaky nod to “powerlessness”), on doctors and prescription meds.  Since steppers must be a victim to their “disease” and “powerless” over their choices (not to mention they need a babysitter over prescription meds), they must find blame  God forbid they take responsibility!  They also love to attempt to shift the blame to the pharmaceutical companies.  They are completely and desperately full of shit.

I say, the next time old-timer Tyler goes in for his colonoscopy, he must do it without the anesthesia.  Aferall, it’s a slippery slope!

Tyler compares what has been reported as Prince’s emergency with drugs, “taking too much of something” as something he knows well.  (Not that this has one single thing to do with Prince!)  Claiming he knows all about what it’s like to be in this place of a “recovering alcoholic and addict,” Tyler pretends to know one fucking thing about Prince’s situation.

Notice how they are always “recovering” and never recovered.  They are never responsible for their own choices and behavior.  They are never allowed to leave the cult and you can never depend on them for anything.  They are forever “diseased.”  If they even think about moving on with their lives they are reminded of where they will end up: Jail, an Institution or Dead.  The End.

In Tyler’s cult soaked brain, he makes this leap that since Prince died, he might have the same “disease” as I, (under the “if he did die from drugs” fake compassion), and thank the cult God for those that have gone before me.

Tyler then proceeds to claim that if Prince had the same “disease” he has, his death did not need to happen.  In other words, if Prince would have just turned his will and his life over to a 12 step program and gone to skull-fuck cult meetings and carried the cult message everywhere … he would not be dead.  Really?!?!  Just like a stepper to make that insane leap of BILLShit.  People die because of this cult and it’s all-to-nothing-we-are-the-only-way dogma far more often than from drug overdoses.  Suicide is rampant in the 12 step cult.  Depression is made worse never better.  This is documented well and indisputable but steppers will hear none of the truth.

Stepper disciples chant the most ridiculous victim blaming shit whenever anyone in this cult dies of an overdose or suicide … the meetings are full of chants like “there but for the grace … ” quickly followed by the “some must die so that others can live.”  That’s right.  They actually believe that when one of them dies, they are reminding the others how deeply diseased they all are.  This is a backhanded way of blaming the victim, especially in the case of an overdose death, with the cover of humility in the “better him than me grace of God” realm.  These people truly are sicker than sick.

Then this asshat Tyler decides to chant the most ridiculous claim of all.  I quote,  “Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, they all died so I could live.”  Really Steve??!!  He then proceeds to claim that the only way he can wrap his head around Prince’s death is to make the same claim … That Prince died so that he can live.  Wow.  Steppers are the most egotistical, narcissistic pieces of shit alive.

So under this fake compassion, Tyler has given you an excellent glimpse of what it’s like to be a brainwashed member of the most diabolical cult religion of all time.

Being the very private person he was, Prince would have to put himself out to counteract this extreme breach of his privacy.  But Prince is gone and cannot tell Steven Tyler to fuck off.  I can.  FUCK OFF STEVEN TYLER.

Stay the fuck away from this dangerous cult religion.  Help your loved ones stay the fuck away.  Stay the fuck away from Steven Tyler!

Rest In Peace Prince.  You deserve far better than this from far better people than Steven Tyler.

— Laura Tompkins


12/5/2017 – UPDATE. Please see an additional story linked below describing who this Aerosmith “front man” really is. He impregnated a minor and then forced her to have an abortion. THIS is the kind of person you would be holding hands with in a 12 step cult religion meeting.

Here’s an excerpt:  “The doctor did not explain what the procedure would be like. Steven watched when the doctor punctured my uterus with a large needle. Then I was taken to a room to wait for the contractions. Steven sat beside me in the hospital until it was over. When the nurse would leave the room he was snorting cocaine on the table beside my bed. He even offered some to me once, but I just turned away, sick inside…. Steven watched the baby come out and he told me later, when we were in New Hampshire, that it had been born alive and allowed to die. (I was not allowed to see the baby when it was delivered.) Steven told me later that it had been a boy.”

So now he prays (and preys) in his 12 step cult, blames his “character defects” and “powerlessness” for this heinous crime and avoids any responsibility.  Keep coming back

The article here:  https://jezebel.com/5805190/steven-tylers-teenage-girlfriend-tells-her-side-of-the-abortion-story



44 comments on “Steven Tyler Makes Prince’s Death All About Steven Tyler

  1. Ah, you are a breath of fresh air! Thank you for your voice.

  2. Yes, a breath of fresh air. Why are so many “alcoholics” fearful of the truth of their freedom and power? I hope you don’t mind my posting a link to my blog. I’ve written a fair bit about the shortcomings of AA:


    • Of course not!

      Why are they so fearful? They have been brainwashed to think their own ability to think is their enemy. They have no business thinking for themselves, they need their “programme” to do that for them.

      It’s a circular self-fulfilling prophesy. Sicker than sick.

      Thank you so much for commenting.

    • Your blog is BRILLIANT! Thank you for your important work.

      If you’re going to adopt a faith, Buddhism is the one.

      • Thank you for your kind words. It’s never easy swimming against the current, and I find your blog to be a great source of inspiration and affirmation as I struggle along against popular modalities of thinking on the matter.

        • You’re welcome.

          The popular modalities of thinking used to include bloodletting, and shock therapy.

          Homosexuality used to be classified as a disease and it was once popular to believe the planet we inhabit is flat.

          Popular can often times be synonymous with violence and abuse and bigotry, and just plain false information.

          Of course, the 12 step cult would turn that on you and make you question your sanity with that “contempt prior to investigation” attack.

          Hang in there JP. You’re smarter than the average bear.

          • Well I feel as though I investigated the shit out of it…. lol… and therefore contempt away!!!!

            They are people of the stick. Spare the rod, {and} spoil the child.

            Where as humans are smarter than that. Spare the rod {chuck it}, {and} spoil the child.

            Indulge the child. And it will want to learn to learn, and behave to behave.

            Beat the child. And it will come back at you for what you did.

            12 step is all abuse. If you are not clean then you must be dirty right?

            Look at your part. Take the blame. Bury your resentment, that is all they do. But all that is is denial, right? The reality is that you merely buried it into the subconscious. And if you do not resolve it properly. It will blow itself out of your head one way or another. Which explains the high death rate there, and all the young corpses I have known.

            • Of all the corpses I’ve loved before.

              Don’t let the doorknob hit you.

              Love your writing! Thanks for commenting! Keep coming back. 😛

            • Hey oddnes Good point. You cannot bury resentment. Where will it go? Into the slogans? Then what? To be addicted to the group, they claim, isn’t as bad as addicted to alcohol. However, groupthink also causes groups to behave in units in ways that no individual among them would ever behave alone. Examples include street gang behavior or lynch mobs. Police beatings of homeless people, racially-motivated, or in jails and prisons are almost always done in groups of police, rarely one. Slogans perpetuate groupthink. Hitler and many other charismatic leaders made good use of catchy slogans, it’s a useful advertising and propaganda tactic to sway public opinion.

              • They’ve just traded one dependency for another without addressing their individual issues. As a group, they are all fucked, all day long and in perpetuity. They can only get their “daily reprieve” from chanting BILLShit and worshipping the AA God (Wilson in the form of “old-timers”). They were actually happier (and more fun!), when they were drinking! As a group, they are abusive and nasty. That’s how their repressed anger comes out … Hate disguised as pity for anyone who does not “have what we have.”

  3. Thank you again for exposing theses assholes for what they are. Got nothing but love for you Laura

  4. The irony of Tyler’s quote seems to be lost on himself: “Doctors are the new pushers. All of America isn’t strung out on street drugs, they’re strung out on prescribed drugs.”

    You for got to mention, Stephen, how strung out we are on court-mandated AA attendance.

    • It’s definitely lost on him since he is so convinced that everyone would benefit from ” working the steps.” The program is perfect, it’s people who are fucked up. Therefore, let’s vilify doctors and their “addict” patients. Let’s never look at the truth — without the court mandating, the “roomz” would be empty.

      Let’s also label everyone who ever took drugs, (especially those who had drugs in their system when they died), an “addict.” The worst part is that Prince is not alive to defend himself from this idiot.

      Even worse, Steppers love their gurus like Tyler. Their fame gives their cult legitimacy. They are not ever supposed to talk about who they see in a meeting but … It’s ALL they talk about. See, the great and powerful Steven Tyler is “one of us.”

  5. Laura, I love your blog. But don’t you realize all humans do that? We are alive and the dead are dead. So we make death all about ourselves because we’re the ones who think and talk and write and blog. Still. The dead don’t anymore. Unless great ole science figures out how. Honestly, I hope they don’t. After I die, I’ll be too tired to do anything else but lay there in the ground and crack up at the rest of you all’s for a good hundred years or so.

    • Uhhhh I have to disagree. Disciples of this cult religion make a death about them because they are lost in BILLShit and the absolute most important aspect of their lives is their “time.” Please don’t try to normalize how steppers fake humility and apply personal step dogma on those who die, as they apply to their cult. Prince was not even a cult member and Tyler applies his BILLShit to him!

      “Some must die so that others can live” is nothing but self-obsessed 12 step cult dogma. Check the comments on this article for more. Your explaining this away is not really appropriate. We are talking about a death cult here … And Prince wasn’t “one of us.”

      Thanks for commenting!

      • That’s too bad, I was trying to leave you a compliment. I am saddened that you did not see it as such.

        • Sorry Julie! Love your blog too! I didn’t take your comment as a compliment or otherwise. I just disagree that we all make death about us. Trying to figure out what it’s like to be someone else is common. Being a self-obsessed “some must die so that I can live” stepper is no where near the same thing. I guess I don’t understand your compliment other than you liking my blog.

          Have a great weekend!

          • Yeah I agree, didn’t Jesus say that? Oh no, Jesus said “I am dying so the rest of you can live.” Not that I would know. I never learned that Jesus stuff in Hebrew school so I had to sneak a peak at the New Testament when no one was looking. My parents would have been pissed off. I agree, I don’t think anyone is the judge of who should die so that others can live. Oddly, we send soldiers to war for that, though. Young healthy men, and now, women, too, in the prime of life, many who leave families behind. What kind of sense does that make? Humans are just plain illogical.

            • Most humans are certainly capable of logic but not if they are brainwashed to think their “best” thinking is their enemy and they are forever “diseased.” There is no other cult religion that has taken hold of the American health care system such as the 12 step cult has. It’s quite impressive how brilliant a cult we are talking about here. Fake humility based on mind-fuck chanting can only make for a cognitive dissonance like no other.

              Steppers should know — if you defend that which is indefensible and rationalize your “celebrity” gurus acting like they are Jesus reincarnated .. You might be in a dangerous cult religion.

            • You got me thinking. You HAVE to read this page. Regarding Jesus and his bible dialogue …


              • My favorite Hebrew school teacher spent the entire school year in meaningful discussion of biblical law. We debated comparison of biblical law (that was handed to Moses) to Constitutional law. In Mr. Berkowitz’s day job, he was an attorney. This was all a hot topic as it was around 1971. I wondered which of the wars would ever end, the Six Day War, or the Vietnam War. Apparently, slavery is still alive and well, too. Have we yet to walk out of Egypt? Perhaps we’re still waiting for the Red Sea to part. Doesn’t a watched pot never boil? I think I’ll read your blog instead.

                • And I’ll read yours.

                  Seeing as Passover just ended, I’d say we are enjoying a low tide and just walked right thru. The Jews gave all credit to Moses when he merely planned well on information from the charts.

                  Slavery certainly is alive and well. Besides crimes against humanity, self-imprisonment is awfully popular.

                  Let’s eat bread!

      • Great article, Laura! And great reply to @juliemadblogger. There is NO moral equivalence bewtween what selfish, self-serving 12 step acolytes do and what is considered a “normal” response to death and dying.

  6. I am trying to post a comment in support of YOUR COMMENT, but the idiots at “WORDPRESS.COM” have made “password re-setting” and CONTACTING THAT SITE IMPOSSIBLE! In any case, here is the comment:  WHO the hell IS this “Steven Tyler”, and WHY has he been given magazine space in “People” to PROMOTE that which is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE PROMOTED?? Granted, “People” is nothing more then the “National Enquirer” on better quality paper, but why did they degrade themselves further by advancing the dribble of this no name?  WHO THE FUCK IS HE? And what does he think his “anal-projected” 12 Step-based perspective, matters? 

    • Aerosmith. He’s the front man for Aerosmith. Also, he’s a judge (or was) on American idol. That’s all. His celebrity gives steppers hard-ons for their cult. It makes the great “artist” ST “one of us.”

      The are so full of BILLShit.

  7. https://youtube.com/watch?v=SurbSlR6QH0 This is the same rhetoric that came from Richard Patrick after the death of Scott Weiland in December 2015.

    • Ugggggh! What a dipshit asshat motherfucker. That video made me want to vomit. These steppers are truly the biggest pieces of human feces alive!

      Thank you for commenting! Motherfuckingstepperdickheads

  8. That’s was great, so well said. I’m a slower learner than you but I’ve come to see these people as you describe, self centered, terrified of themselves, living in the problem instead of the solution etc., the very things they claim they’re cured of. I was a hard core stepper for alot of years and I am still sober, but not “A.A. sober” where I’m walking around in the pseudo “serenity” trance that I once did, I actually feel alive now and empowered and way more at peace than I ever did when I was “a meeting maker.” Hey, and guess what? all my great friends of decades dropped me like a hot rock when I stopped showing up, I was somehow “unsafe” now or something even though I’m happier and more successful in my life now than I’ve ever been. I love the part where you talk about personal responsibility, I’d say that to myself all time after being around these people, even my “friends” with decades sober like me “when do these f…ers ever get better?, I’m better, I’m a grown up now, why do we keep rolling around in the past, the problem so much?” It’s freakin’ depressing, and it is. When I got sick of seeing all credit given to “the program” or “the sponsor” (baby sitter) and people being put on pedestals because they’re sober (big deal, what do ya want a medal?) it started feeling a little culty to me, and I gradually made my way toward the door. Thanks again for your blog!

    • You’re welcome Drew! Thanks for sharing. 😝

      There is nothing more depressing than chanting “fake it till you make it” knowing full well there is no making it! There’s no where to go “in the roomz” but down a rabbit hole of self-obsession or suicidal depression … Or those “old-timers” who go to the King AA Grandiose Superhero role. Either way, it’s a world of shit.

      You are safer as a friend now more than ever but they are too fucking brainwashed to know it. Some friends!

      You’re better off without this hole of despair which leads nowhere but to making a tragic death all about you and your cult. No thanks.

      Congratulations on your freedom.

  9. Keep speaking the truth! You make me want to rip my shell off and tell everyone how it works!

  10. The best part of this whole rant is the term ‘BILLShit”! Brilliant, and so freakin’ true!

  11. Its typical, Tyler turned to his ex wife during Johnny Thunders funeral and said ” it coulda been me”

  12. Brilliant. Simply tell the people the fucking truth. I love it. Steppes know the truth.. They are just too sick to admit it, and I mean really sick! There completely delusional, selfish, greedy, hurtful, and abusive, and will stop at anything to make sure their religion isn’t exposed for what they all know it is. Well, the cult has been exposed, thanks to you. It’s only a matter of time, logic and the truth seem to prevail. I think the proof has been clearly presented to the public, and if they aren’t able to see the truth then they’re stupid. However, stupid people continue to amaze me, mainly by how many exist.

    • It never ceases to amaze me either! But then I remember the disempowering dogma of this diabolical cult and I understand. They are terrified their lie of a life will be revealed. Their BILLShit chants like More Shall Be Revealed are nothing more than ways to shut down independent thought. They’re fucked and they know it but they can never admit it lest they become one of the unfortunates. Trouble is, they were screwed the second they walked into their first meeting and were love-bombed with lies and deception.

      Although more and more people are seeing the subterfuge through the non-existent help.

  13. Nice article. Whatever happened to the tradition of keeping the BW BS out of the media? Steppers disgust me. I’m finally free. I have several serious auto immune diseases, yet to them, my alcohol “disease” was all that mattered. I was humiliated and eventually shunned by my sponsor and group when Addisons Disease had me bed ridden for six months and I wasn’t working on my steps. Uncaring bunch of assholes!!!
    Their treatment of me when I was so unwell really hurt, it took many months for my brain to reprogram after all their brainwashing. My sponsor betrayed my trust, repeated to others stuff I told her in step 4. Her and a few oldies claim God told them I was home drinking and not unwell!!! I was refused sober birthday!!!! LMFAO.
    They can kiss my arse, as I never drank!! Twelve months away from them, I am still sober. I also have my confidence back, and reunited with my friends they told me were “hindering” my success. AA is evil.
    Just like them to use a famous person to promote their cult, all the while using their traditions bullshyte to serve them when they want, e.g. refusing an interview with 48 hours.
    Pure evil, and if you believe in God, be prepared to see your God dragged into their soul crushing cult. If you don’t believe in God, they will soon shove their made up version down your throat and choke you.

    • This is the ultimate description of what it’s like to be an honest member of the 12 step death cult. Either you put the cult first or you are vilified and treated like human garbage.

      Your sense of humor is your best friend in all this! Just remember that the dreaded “resentment” is your friend in order to remind you to stay away from such diabolical people. Whether you’re “drinking” or not, you are free from their all-or-nothing judgment and shame inducing BILLShit.

      Nice work! The “steps” are nothing but fear-based independent-thought killing sewage. “It” doesn’t “work” no matter how one “works it.”

      You would love this book! https://12stepcultreligionexposed.wordpress.com/2013/08/04/aa-how-aa-steals-your-soul-by-robert-warner-a-book-review/

      Thank you so much for commenting and please do continue to share the truth everywhere. You deserve far better friends than these evil shit-brains!

  14. Evil shit brains LOL! I will check the book out. I wish I had listened to my gut when I first walked into those doors. It screamed contradiction at that very first meeting. Not religious they say, yet plastered on the cloth hanging chart, I read I’m to find God and turn my will over to him. Lying to people is a sin in my world.
    Sheesh, you better not dare to turn up to a meeting with a personality or God forbid, a sense of humor. That will get frowned upon, and squeezed out of you. I love to talk, and tried to make my shares interesting, and sure, I added humour. I mean, listening to the same people dribbling the same shit over and over, week after week is meant to keep me coming back? I would rather watch paint dry!!
    I became popular with a lot of members new to the tables. I am also a friendly person and I like to give people small gifts on birthdays etc (like baked stuff). I was ripped to pieces by the “proper members”. I was called a people pleaser, told not to act so happy. Omg, they just want unhappy, vulnerable people, that persona is easier to manipulate. I coulda cried when I listened to a member who once had a great outlook on life, hang his head and began belittling himself, then repeating the same share in upcoming meetings. I’m glad I fell ill now, or they may have destroyed me as they did him. Fuck them fuckers!!!
    Three years of AA. The head fucks from being a member screwed my brain more than alcohol ever did. Thanks for letting me vent LOL.

    • You can vent your true authentic self here anytime! You kept your sense of humor intact in spite of the evil shit brains (EVB) practicing therapy without the slightest clue what they’re doing … And for that you can be proud!

      They literally made your body revolt from their presence in your life! Thanks so much for commenting. Do keep coming back. 😜

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