12 Steps To Dead – A Book by Rolf Ankermann

12 steps to deadAll you need to know about what it is REALLY like to attend 12 step meetings is right here. As entertaining as this work is, it is also painful … because it is all so true. These kinds of experiences are nothing new to anyone who has ever spent any time in the roomz Whether the organization does something about it is another kettle of fish.  In fact, AAWS (Alcoholics Anonymous World Services) knows full well of all the predatory behavior in their cult religion, but have actively chosen to do NOTHING to protect members, young or old, male or female, vulnerable or criminal.

Rolf’s book should be a must read for anyone who is thinking about attending a 12 step meeting, anyone who is questioning their membership, anyone who is recommending a loved one attend, any clinician who has not experienced this programme … and ESPECIALLY any clinician who is still recommending this dangerous cult religion to vulnerable clients.  Your ethics should be seriously questioned if you continue to refer clients to this dangerous cult religion. This is the polar opposite of the evidence-based help you are mandated to provide.

Steppers will defend their cult with all kinds of chants they have learned to parrot, but nothing changes that these experiences are disgustingly common. (They will also attack you personally due to the extreme brainwashing).  In fact, sexism and preying on others is built into the very fabric of this cult. Very reliable sources tell of how the guru founder, Bill Wilson, needed to have a chaperone whenever he attended meetings … to keep him from hitting on all the women. Wilson had mistresses his entire life and even shared his estate with one of them, (proceeds he stole from the other founders and from book sales which he inflated for profit), when he died. This is just one small example of how preying on others and avoiding responsibility for abusive behavior is promoted in the very literature and practices of this dangerous cult.  The cognitive dissonance of every member is truly astounding, and by design.  This cult renders members perpetually powerless while the cult is forever powerful.  It’s a no-win situation for members where they either conform to the way of life or they are threatened with Jail, Institutions, or Death.

Their famous big book is nothing but lies and indoctrination into a dangerous cult … all the while posing as some safe self-help group. Safe?  Nothing could possibly be further from the truth. What women are told to do is to find their part and forgive their rapist. I wish I were exhagerrating. Even more common, sexual assault victims are vilified for bringing the assault to the group and are gossiped about relentlessly … EXACTLY what is portrayed in this book.

What Mr. Ankermann has done is to expose the truth with humor, through characters we like, and with which we identify. It’s one of those reads you blow through and wish for a sequel.

You may find yourself reading it twice in a row, as I did.   The first time, due to the painfully funny stories, I had the need to stop, process, and continue reading when it felt safe. If you are reading this book thinking. “this is a dramatized version of what goes on, it must be.” … NO! Don’t kid yourself, this book is straight up truth.

These kind of horror stories happen everyday to the vast majority of people in the 12 step cult in one form and to one degree or another,  but they go unreported due to the foresight of the founders anonymity.   In fact, the stories in this book are relatively tame compared to what goes on daily in any 12 step cult meeting.

13th Stepping (euphemism for sexual harassment) is rampant, as is financial exploitation. Just that they have a term for it is enough to know it exists and what do they do about it when it happens?  They blame the victim and protect the cult. The numbers of women who have been raped by men they met in AA is staggering. The story of Sharon is all too common, AA has decided to do NOTHING about this rampant problem by refusing to even establish safety policies. They use the old get-out-to-responsibility-free card by claiming they do not govern meetings. They are more than aware of the problem and have actively chosen to look the other way. The documentation on this is easy to find.

Thank you Rolf Ankermann for a most important book! We need more people to admit that not only is there rampant physical abuse in the 12 step cult, there is also severe brainwashing that keeps members always in a state of self-blame and self-hate. Members of this cult are told that their best thinking made them abuse drugs and alcohol and behave poorly. NO. Your WORST thinking does that.  Your WORST thinking also keeps you a willing hostage to the cognitive dissonance you suffer after spending any time in the roomz.

You can check in but you can never check out. I look forward to more from this gifted writer. Thank you!

DEFINITELY read this book.  You will benefit from it and so will those you care for, and you will get a good laugh in the process.  Brilliant work Rolf!

See Amazon link here:    https://www.amazon.com/12-Steps-Dead-Rolf-Ankermann-ebook/dp/B00VPC7604/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8

9 comments on “12 Steps To Dead – A Book by Rolf Ankermann

  1. Hitting the nail on the head and covering the bases this concise blog regarding 12-step meetings accurately gives the reader but a glimpse of what goes on in these wretched meetings day in and day out.

  2. I am looking for this book at my local libraries. Wish I knew about it sooner! Who published it? The book sounds enlightening, and another nail in the coffin against 12 Steppism!

  3. The comments on amazon.com are mostly 4 and 5 star ones, but say the book is “fiction”. Can anything with its level of insight and accuracy, be anything BUT “fiction”?

  4. I have (since last posting on this thread!), read (and now OWN!) this book, and found it to be the scariest, most graphic, most horrifying, HORROR NOVEL I have ever read in my life (it puts anything Stephan King has written to shame!). What is even worse is that what is written in this book is probably TRUE in all too many lives of EVERY PERSON ON THIS PLANET victimized by the cult of 12 Steppism! This book is too realistic to be a work of fiction, It is written as such, but there is probably multitudes of people on this planet that can identify with every single character and situation in this incredible piece of literature.

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