How Religious Organizations, Like A.A., Prey On Your Sense of Self-Worth

Hello Readers!   This is a quick share of a great article.

Have you ever experienced the predatory actions and behaviors from brainwashed disciples of the 12 step cult religion?  I bet you have.

The blatant physical and mental abuse is the very foundation of this dangerous cult religion.  This article, linked below, perfectly describes the not so blatant predation.

The predatory behavior disguised as the steps is the worst of all, since it is the subterfuge of the all-or-nothing disguised as spiritual not religious that causes lifelong problems with self-esteem and self-sufficiency.

If you leave the fold, you are abandoned, ostracized, and bullied.  Even worse, you are forever blamed for anything that does not go well in your life, with your only solution presented as coming back with your tail between your legs.  Do not buy it for a nanosecond!

Under the lie of this so-called self help group, where you can supposedly leave whenever you want and take or leave the suggestions, vulnerable people find themselves worse, never better.

No matter how steppers balk and lie to themselves and others, they are harming other people with their daily reprieve BILLShit.  No amount of chanting changes this truth.  The end motherfuckers.

This article is about Christians in particular and thankfully he includes all religious groups.  Lest we brush over the most mind-fuck cult religion of all time, I include the despicable 12 step cult religion in the group of harmful religious organizations …


Please read and share everywhere.


8 comments on “How Religious Organizations, Like A.A., Prey On Your Sense of Self-Worth

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head here. My experience with the cult stripped my self worth away, my confidence and my voice that we all have and need to protect ourselves and ensure we are being treated fairly in life. It literally affected my health and my business. I will give you a couple of examples. Firstly, my health. My doctor moved away, and I had to get a new one. He was a terrible man. I had been very weak with an illness I have. This doctor refused to prescribe the medication that I have always taken when things got bad. I should have complained about him, and spoken up to him. Instead, I let myself become bedridden for many months. I tried hard to reach out for help from my AA leaders, I was desperately ill, and I needed them to tell me what to do. That’s how ridiculous and pathetic they had made me become. I was told to get to a meeting, do my step work, bring baked cakes in for members birthdays. I remember baking them cakes whilst almost passing out. Driving to the meetings, when I should never have been on the road. Walking up to my sponsor, with a desperate look on my face, wanting her to know I was REALLY unwell. She turned her back and walked away from me. Talking left me breathless, so I didn’t share. The cult leaders insisted I put in more work. When I could no longer push myself any harder I stopped going. There was nasty gossip behind my back, then I was forgotten.

    I didn’t chase up money owed to me by a dishonest customer, almost $1000. I had become such a doormat, and was easily taken advantage of. Before AA I was strong and confident, and successful. I didn’t know the person I had become. THEY did this to me. I was totally brainwashed to believe that I was worthless. That any dilemma in my life was my fault, even being screwed out of a thousand dollars, I was to find and focus on my fault in it. Then I had to let it go. Told not to make any decisions in my life, and that I had to give everything over to God. Told that by making decisions I was trying to be God.

    This is what they do. They destroy your self worth. They crush you. They give you orders. They isolate you from normal people. They mold you into one of them. Then they expect you to inflict this on others. I got out before I became one of them. I’d never be able to put an innocent person through that. I could not live with myself. It’s rape of one’s soul.

    The only good thing that I found with AA were the people not yet sucked in. Someone to share your experiences with, and encourage each other. That’s the only thing that is keeping it alive. The rules soon become clear. If you’re smart, you get the hell as far away from them as you can. The leaders aren’t really your friends, they have only one agenda, to recruit you into their cult.

    You can’t really be an atheist in AA. You can’t chose your own higher power really. That’s just what you get told in the beginning. You may even hear a long term member pipe up with the comment “I don’t believe in the God thing”. That’s just one of many different ploys they use to get you to *think* it’s not religious. Just ask yourself why God’s name is constantly referred to in their readings, and printed on the banners for you to read out.

    They even have changed God. Apparently, he is ok with lying to people. He is happy to let you be treated badly, he doesn’t mind that you give him all the decisions to make that you should be making. He gave you a brain, but it’s ok if you don’t use it. He doesn’t want you to spread his word, he wants you to spread the word of AA. He chose you to be an alcoholic, because he really only wants alcoholics to walk by his side. I wonder if he’s ok with it really.

    There’s safer places to go if you need help with alcohol problems. It’s so wrong when people are forced to go there. I also hate the way AA is portrayed on tv. They only show people sharing at meetings. You don’t see what really happens. Sharing with others who know what you’ve been through is how you get sucked in. It even feels good talking about something stupid you once did whilst drunk. In AA the people understand you, and have been there too. You can talk about these times without the shame and embarrassment usually attached. You feel a sense of belonging. A support group without the hidden agendas that AA has would be so much better.

    I regained my confidence, but it took a long time. I don’t drink, but that’s my choice. I am even going to go as far as saying that AA really isn’t about alcohol at all.

    • The 12 step cult religion is ONLY about keeping “the roomz” full since 95% of people bolt within the first 3 months. The only people that stay long are the severely brainwashed/vulnerable and the predators. It’s an invitation for abuse, neglect, forced isolation and crime. The number of women who are raped and then told to “pray” for their attacker and “find their part” in the assault is staggering.

      I am so sorry to hear of your abuse. They did to you what they do to everyone who in any way, shape, or form questions their “way of life.” Congratulations on getting free! Many people, especially the ones who vehemently defend this diabolical cult, NEVER get free from it. They go to their death knowing full well they have wasted their lives in the “fake it till you make it” chant … Never “making it” because there is no end. Ever. Forever and ever. You can NEVER just move on with your life.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and tell your story. Your experiences will help the next reader who doesn’t understand why, even though they are doing all the “suggestions,” they are worse off than ever. It takes most people years to deprogram where they’re even comfortable talking about the abuses they suffered at the hands of this death cult.

      They purposely shatter your self-esteem and reduce your health concerns to your “selfish” disease. You are NOT nothing but a selfish drunk-actor trying to run the entire show. You are a beautiful human being who deserves far better than the cognitive mind-fuck offered by this dangerous cult religion.

      And yes, the media is complicit is the subterfuge. Charlie Sheen is right. They are all brainwashed cult recruiters who just want to use people for as long as it’s profitable for them and then discard them like trash. All the while blaming it on their “character defects.”

      Stay away. It works if you trash it.

  2. It’s so true that they have wasted their life. They live for those meetings day after day. They share the same story over and over. It’s all that they know how to do. So sad for the family members that they leave at home. Their reasoning behind this is “Would you rather I stayed home and drank?” They refuse to believe they can lead positive lives outside of the rooms. This isn’t living. This isn’t helping lives, it’s destroying them. I read the above link that you shared. This is exactly how they act.
    Preying on the vulnerable, blaming your misfortunes on you because you haven’t completely given yourself to God. It didn’t matter that I was a caring person, that I always helped anyone in need, volunteered for my community and treated people with respect. I was still the scum of the Earth. My kindness was called selfishness, I only was kind because I wanted people to praise me. Wtf? They have an arsenal of theories, all designed to tear you down. This isn’t tough love, it’s abuse. According to them, I should have died a drunken death by now. I sure as hell didn’t return with my tail between my legs, and I’m doing ok. Debunked that theory then!
    If they hear of anyone bad mouthing them after leaving the roomz, they want to know who, when, where and why. Then the leaders huddle in secret to discuss it. I tried to eavesdrop once, but couldn’t hear. Do you know what they do to said people? One member who had been around for a while told me that they “fix” whoever crosses them. If anyone knows, I would love to hear how they would “fix” a person. I ran into a group of them recently, the way they looked at me was a classic! The hate in some of their eyes when they saw me is not how normal people should be. They truly are evil.
    You stupid, dumb arsetwats, it’s not God’s voice you’re hearing in your head LOL. It’s your own dumb brain thinking up the stuff that you want to hear. That book you worship is the biggest load of crazy bullshit that I’ve ever read. Bill Wilson is a Fuckhead. He can kiss my arse!

    • Indeed! Misery loves company!

      They are abusive asshats who abandon their family for their cult family. You are far better off than they are or will ever be.

      It takes years sometimes for people to deprogram from all this mind-fuck BILLShit. The worst is when these brainwashed disciples claim that they are following the “principles” of their cult when they are threatening those who have their brains intact! Some principles!

      They are so threatened by the truth, they threaten to “fix” anyone who exposes them. The threats I have received are enough to instill fear in the most integrated person alive. However, like you, I refuse to let them intimidate and control me. They may benefit from being controlled and controlling others but they can go straight to hell if they think they will shut down the truth coming from me. Anyway, if they were actually following any “principles” that held them to a “happy, joyous and free” life, they sure as fuck wouldn’t find it in the 12 step cult of “powerlessness.” It’s all the ultimate LIE.

      Lately I have gotten the old, “how dare you say this about a program that has helped millions! Shame on you!” Fuck you stepper. They can chant “it works if you work it” all day long but that is the biggest lie of all. Statistics clearly prove that “it” only helps those experiencing spontaneous remission (i.e. Those who made behavioral changes regardless of the cult). “It” then demands all credit for their “sobriety.” If the disciple EVER swallows a fermented beverage again, they are doomed to have a life of “incomprehensible demoralization” in jails and institutions. What a hot, festering load of self-prophesy BILLShit.

      “It” also helps abusive predator criminals who know full well they can find a number of victims “in the roomz” and get away with it under the cover of other members and their “character defects” excuse. Barf.

      Thanks for writing! It’s always refreshing to hear from you. Keep coming back! 😜

  3. I have found your blog extremely helpful to me, so thank you!! It hits home to me, because I have seen exactly what you have written. It’s helped with my reprogramming, and it’s been good to vent the resentments I have towards AA.
    I bet they threaten you, and they would be spewing that you don’t publish their replies.
    Someone, somewhere must be making big money from AA.
    I always wondered what incentive drives the community leaders. I do know that they fly some leaders all over the world to speak at seminars. But I suppose the majority just enjoy the power status they receive after a few years. Makes them feel important.
    Power and control. They are really just self righteous bullies with no lives outside of the roomz. If they weren’t so evil, they would be laughable!!
    Keep doing what you’re doing. Expose them, and educate the public.

    • Thank you. It can be a thankless job at times. That the work helps you is all I need to know.

      The rehab industry is a $35 billion annual business. The last thing they want is for anything or anyone to cut into their profits. So yes, there are people who make a shit-ton of dough keeping the cult alive.

      Even more, yes again. The “old-timers” can feel important for doing virtually nothing. These are lazy, abusive and hateful people we are talking about here. They have been stuck in this negativity and cognitive dissonance for so long, it truly is their “way of life.” As you so eloquently said, they’re really just self-righteous bullies with no lives. Evil to their core and there is little chance for them to become generous and see the errors of their ways. Most of them are too far gone.

      But we are here … and loud and proud to fight back. Don’t quit before the miracle happens steppers. In the meanwhile, eat shit.

  4. I finally left the cult before it killed me. I have sobriety today AA could NEVER give me.
    They STILL chant that AA is the only game in town, and the ONLY thing that works.
    That’s truly pathetic.

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