Jamie Lee Curtis, a 12 Step Cult Guru “Old-Timer,” Calls The Trump Kettle Sexist. That’s One Pot of Rich Contradictions!

imageJamie Loser CultPusher is outraged where she should be called out on her extreme hypocrisy. I have personally seen Jamie at many a 12 step cult meeting with her fawning posse of “sponsees.”  My comment on a blog about Curtis’ recent outrage on the HuffPost (see link below), will likely be deleted once Curtis and her entourage read it.

Therefore, I am documenting it here.

Enjoy!  And please share everywhere.

“Not a trump fan and Curtis is right of course, but she’s merely using this fake outrage to spread the word of her cult and for personal attention-seeking. Sponsor Curtis is COMPLICIT in our cultural SEXISM in many ways. Curtis is one big, sick, cult guru full of her own “time.”

As a card carrying “old-timer” in the dangerous, sexist, predator-filled rooms of her 12 step cult religion, she sure does pick and choose where and when to be offended when it comes to women’s rights. The 12 step cult religion actively recruits sex offenders convicted of felony offenses to the cult. (They then defend them when they invariably prey on vulnerable “newcomers” by telling the newcomer to “find their part” in the sexual predation). The literature of their bible “big book” is filled with extreme sexist language and excuses from the white men who plagiarized their “steps” from the fundamental Christian cult known as the Oxford group. Not only that but in their 4th step, they blame others for calling them out on their mistresses in marriage and for being less than productive at work due to their “disease.” It’s IN the literature in the examples of how to do the steps… see for yourself!

Mix that with Curtis’ past roles as sex kittens, and prostitutes, dancing around in leotards on screen and you’ve got one deceptive, brainwashed, ‘sponsor’ who has no business being offended as she pushes people to be “powerless” for life and to “find your part” in sexual assaults. She’s only indignate about what was said regarding Lohan because she’s extremely brainwashed into the ‘character defects’ lies of her beloved cult… and actually believes that if Lohan would “turn her will and life over to god” all would be well in the universe.

Listening to Curtis is no better than listening to trump. In fact, it’s worse with her ranks among the 12 step true believers who seek her help with the faith healing disguised as help. Go sell crazy, attention-seeking, indignity elsewhere Jamie… you are HARMING people everyday. Fix your own cognitive dissonance before you pretend to be offended. No one needs your kind of “help.”  No one wants “what you have.”  (Not to mention this radio show was recorded over 10 years ago.  You’re a phony Jamie Lee Curtis.)

That’s what this is really all about.  You don’t give a rats ass about Lohan, you are only trying to spread your cult message, one fake outrage at a time.

Last but certainly important, Jamie  Loser CultPusher defended Schwartzenegger when all those young women came forward accusing him of sexual assaults.  JLC is the ultimate bait and switch manipulator, just as she’s been brainwashed to be.

— Laura Tompkins

The link here

2 comments on “Jamie Lee Curtis, a 12 Step Cult Guru “Old-Timer,” Calls The Trump Kettle Sexist. That’s One Pot of Rich Contradictions!

  1. hitler clancy imislund dictator of the nazi alcoholics anonymous pacific group ridicules how people look from his power-addicted podium.

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