Alcoholics Anonymous Destroys Self-Esteem and Self-Sufficiency

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12 Step Cult Religion Exposed

robin-williams-aa-meeting-pp1I have discovered that this program called Alcoholics Anonymous is dangerous in ways that may be difficult to understand.  Most people, in general, need to find self-love and empowerment.  Most people do not need to be beaten down and stripped of their power.  AA steals your soul and any chance you may have at fulfilling your dreams.  The indoctrination is so powerful that even brilliance is not recognized by the brilliant due to the abuse they suffered after spending time in AA.

I have been given permission to reveal the author and to post the following re-write of the 12 steps. If you have ever spent any time in the rooms you will recognize this chanting at the beginning of every meeting — but what follows is truth and not disempowering, dangerous, brainwashing dogma.  It is brilliance.

The New Twelve Steps —

RARELY HAVE they seen a person who has…

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  1. Forwarded to THREE Facebook “Anti-AA” groups with a request to forward!

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