The “Sex Addiction” Excuse – You are NOT safe in 12 Step “Rooms.”

Harvey Weinstein has finally been accused of rape and assault.  Finally.  Any second now the “sex addiction” excuse will be used to justify Weinstein’s CHOICE to assault women. I will NOT stay quiet on this one.  As a screenwriter, I have been advised to keep my social media feed clear of politics since producers do indeed read your posts and there are many closet conservatives in Hollywood.  Not this time.  You can be sure Weinstein is in a room with a therapist right now being advised to use the “Sex Addict” excuse.  Just like the “real alcoholic” excuse for horrific behavior before, during, and after joining the 12 step cult religion… it’s all LIES.

Fuck these famous actors who are suddenly claiming to not have known. If you even heard a rumor, George Clooney… you are COMPLICIT.


And Meryl Streep. Shut your fucking mouth. If you had been assaulted like Mira Sorvino and Rosanna Arquette you would have a right to speak out. You are just covering your ass and your handlers should be advising you to shut your fucking pie hole.  Coming forward now to cover your ass is the HEIGHT of HYPOCRISY.

I have stories… one of which happened a few short years ago and I am not young. The “young and beautiful” excuse is complete bullshit. That’s no different than the “what was she wearing” or “what was she doing alone with him in a hotel room” blaming the victim.  That is no different than the AA member who takes a ride with a 12 step predator and she is blamed when he attacks and rapes her.  There is no excuse for these attacks.  Hollywood and the business of show is full of these PREDATORS and so are the “rooms” of the 12 step cult religion.

This is why predators love the 12 step cult religion.  They can continue assaulting women knowing full well the cult will protect them, cover up for them, and continue to blame their choices on their “character defects” and their “disease.”   What a disgusting load of BillShit.

Hollywood just loves the “disease” theory of addiction. It absolves them of any responsibility.  They include this BillShit in so many TV and movie scenarios and this choice further brainwashes people into the 12 step lies.  They love to avoid and excuse horrific behavior with the excuse of “disease.” Screenwriters who use this lazy plot line for their characters are COMPLICIT in sexual assaults.  Do your homework.  Addiction is NOT A DISEASE.  It’s a choice… just like Weinstein’s career of assaulting women is a CHOICE.

Now, of course, he will attend “sex addiction” rehab and he can continue along with his career of assaulting women under the protection of the 12 step cult religion.  He’ll have even more protection than ever!  The perfect 13th stepper has now made his way to his ultimate end.

Please speak up.  When you see or hear these “Addict” excuses, do not be complicit.  Correct people no matter how brainwashed they may be, they are dead wrong.  Don’t be that person in the 12 step cult who claim to have never known or seen the predation.  EVERYONE knows about the 13th step.

Any second now the “addict” excuse will be brought forth to excuse and justify Harvey Weinstein’s inexcusable choices.

I hope this short article finds you all well.  Thank you again for following my blog.  I appreciate it so very much.


8 comments on “The “Sex Addiction” Excuse – You are NOT safe in 12 Step “Rooms.”

  1. This “Weisenstein” character (who I NEVER FUCKING HERAD OF before his “issue” became news!) is today claiming that it’s his “brother conspiring with the board to take over the company that the “brothers” founded! Anything to keep from saying, “It’s my fault that I am a schumck, and accept responsibility for it! This monster needs incarceration, and to be SUED OFF THE PLANET!

  2. Thanks. I hear you.

  3. […] The “Sex Addiction” Excuse – You are NOT safe in 12 Step “Rooms.” […]

  4. Fucking disgusting…another reason I am glad to be out of the rooms. Any new meeting I went to eyes were all over me and women thankfully grabbed me by the arm and surrounded me. No more of that! At least in the real world you can speak up and people listen!! Fuck that!

    • No doubt! You can be sure these 12 step predators are creaming themselves talking about how Weinstein is “one of us!” It’s a clusterfuck of protecting predators. That the women had to surround you tells you the depth of the problem. Happens every day in every “rooms” but the women are not so generous. Instead they blame the victim and protect the predators. You were fortunate to have that protection. That AAWS (Alcoholics Anonymous World Services) has voted to do NOTHING to warn people is UNACCEPTABLE and anyone who gives a shit about human rights should be calling them on their negligence. Those women protected you in the meetings themselves, but they should be doing far more than that!

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