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Alcoholism Is Not A Disease and AA is a Cult Religion

When I speak the truth, alcoholism is not a disease, people are often shocked.  If they are not rabid, brainwashed Steppers, a rational conversation based on facts will help them understand so that they are informed rather than ignorant.  This “disease theory” is so prevalent in American society (and we have spread it like a plague all over the world), even intelligent people have bought into this dangerous and harmful theory.

Those angry-beyond-measure cult disciple Steppers are not worth the time and heartache when their cognitive dissonance is stronger than their ability to even consider the truth.  It is deeply important you understand how the disease theory was sold to the AMA (American Medical Association), by people who had both financial and political interests (of course) … and how the 12 step cult religion was used to make this happen.

It is important you know precisely how it happened and why, for your own knowledge, and also for those people who have yet to be completely brainwashed into the cult… those people who are interested in truth.

The following link provides you with all the facts you need to relay this truth to those willing to learn.  The cult disciples, well… it’s best to just drop the subject.  Unfortunately, until they realize their intense anger at the truth is an gigantic red flag for them, they are too far gone to be helped.  They will make your life a living hell in their insane attempts to prove their cult is not a cult. Either that, or they will make a ridiculous justification like the often chanted, “Well, if it’s brainwashing my brain needed washing.”  I kid you not.

I hope this finds you all well and thank you again for following my blog.  Please share everywhere.  There is no reason to rewrite the facts since they are so well research and communicated here:


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