Addiction Is Not A Disease

The Baldwin Research Institute has proven conclusively that not only is alcoholism/addiction not a disease, the 12 step program has purposefully blocked this truth in order to keep their cult full of vulnerable people.  Since the vast majority of people leave the cult and never look back, these cult disciples must keep fresh blood revolving into “the roomz.”

Please enjoy the article linked below.  It explains exactly how the disease theory came to be and what the 12 step disciples, some with big political power, did to make sure their cult dominated the treatment industry in the USA.

Here’s an excerpt: “Repeated studies have shown that the average person, who could be diagnosed with a substance abuse problem, will discontinue use on their own 20 to 30 percent of the time. But, those who are exposed to AA and treatment and who are taught the disease concept have a drastically decreased chance of achieving sobriety. While treatment professionals are aware of program failure, governing organizations support and promote the adoption of 12-step tenets into treatment programs for substance abusers. Families pay tens of thousands of dollars to help their loved ones only to place them in programs that follow guidelines of a documented failed program. Any program based on a program that fails will inevitably fail. For most, 12-step has become synonymous with failure.”

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4 comments on “Addiction Is Not A Disease

  1. There is an EXCELLENT new book out that details the origins of the “alcoholism-is-a disease” movement. It is called, “US of AA”, by Joe Miller (just published a few months ago!). It is infuriating to read, but gives the “back story” of how the idiocy of the “disease concept” came to the status it has now. I highly recommend this book,

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