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The 12 Step Cult MUST Coerce People In Order To Keep The “Rooms” Full

Stanton Peele is someone you should know if you’re interested in exposing the truth regarding the 12 step cult religion.  His latest piece is about how the cult forces people into participation.  They figured out how to do this when they found that the vast majority of people reject their disempowering dogma very quickly.  In order to keep the cult humming along, they literally must force people into it.

Please enjoy his latest work linked below.  Also, please share everywhere.


— Laura Tompkins


One comment on “The 12 Step Cult MUST Coerce People In Order To Keep The “Rooms” Full

  1. I have a letter in my personnel file that “recommends” attendance at AA meetings. It is a violation of my HIPAA privacy rights, but no attorney will help me because I’ve been reinstated and not suffered any damages. But what of the damage to my reputation and promotability? It’s overwhelming how pervasive and accepted AA is as an effective and helpful organization. If I openly criticize AA to work they will likely see me as being in denial. Since I did get into trouble because of drinking, I have little credibility when I say AA doesn’t work..anyone familiar with this f’d up cult knows any fault or failure of a member always lies with them and never with AA.

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