A Star Is Born… & the 12 Step Cult Religion Continues To Kill

In case you haven’t seen the film and you somehow think that the following article will spoil it for you, stop reading right now.  If you want to stop the dangerous cult religion of the 12 steps from continuing to thrive, keep reading (or come back after you’ve viewed the film).  After all, A Star Is Born is just another film, but the 12 step cult religion is always harming people who deserve better.

It’s well-known that Bradley Cooper is a brainwashed stepper as are so many other people with power in the film industry.  He made this film happen in every regard… for without him there would be no film.

His character opens the film following a gig, gulping alcohol in the backseat of his car and he immediately drains the bottle dry and asks the driver for more.  The Gaga character is singing in a bar whom he meets when he jumps out of the car since he clearly needs his booze.  That’s just the very beginning of this film.  The very first scene of this film establishes his character as an “alcoholic.”  It can only get worse from there, right!?!?  Literally, this is the first 2 minutes of the film.

Finally, after he destroys her Grammy acceptance speech, he ends up in a 12 step cult rehab.  He is labeled an “grateful/alcoholic/drug addict.”  He comes home to her manager who reinforces the “powerless” character defects of the “alcoholic.”  While she is on tour, he hangs himself in his garage – An all too common choice for stepper disciples – think Robin Williams – that is always blamed on the “disease” and never the real culprit, the 12 step cult religion.  She forgives him for all he’s done due to his “disease.”  And the beat goes on.

How many times does this have to happen before there is a link to the 12 step cult religion’s disempowering dogma rather than the victim with the fake-disease-hopelessness as the clear cause of these suicides?  How many times?  When will the filmmakers make the connection?  When will this most dangerous cult religion be held to the fire?  How many years will continue to go by without anyone exposing the truth about the pseudo-disease of addiction????

The answer, unfortunately, is probably NEVER.  Thanks for letting me share.  Keep coming back.

12 comments on “A Star Is Born… & the 12 Step Cult Religion Continues To Kill

  1. From advance reviews of the new Netflix series of “The Haunting of Hill House”, it appears the character of Luke Crain is depicted as an addict. I wonder if there is going to be cult propaganda in it.

    • I wouldn’t hold your breath. It’s damn near impossible to get produced if you even hint at exposing the 12 step cult religion. Have you seen Flaked on Netflix. Of course, the main character, Will Arnett (another well-known stepper), goes to 12 step cult meetings and blames all his dysfunction on his “disease.”

      Thank you so much for commenting! Means the world to me to know someone is listening.

  2. As militantly opposed as I am to the RELIGION of 12 Steppism, and it’s suicide-inducing, co-dependant building cult basis, I cannot help but wonder WHY there has not been a full-on confrontation by the NON-12 Step mutual support groups against the perpetrators of 12 Steppism that include the Hollywood producers/actors/supporters, of all things Hollywood! SMART, S.O.S., Rational Recovery, etc. have got 21st Century means of communication, and no prohibitions on “evangelizing” and PROMOTING themselves that 12 Step groups claim they do, but never adhere to! There really does need to be an “in your face” approach against these 12 Step perpetrators BY the non-12 Step mutual support groups. I would argue that half the reason that Hollywood peddles the 12 Step bullshit it does is simply because it does not know of ANY OTHER ALTERNATIVE! And this is where the non-12 Step groups are coming uo WAY SHORT!

    • Not sure about the blame game here. I believe people like Stanton Peele would say that he has been trying for decades but brainwashed Steppers will NOT HEAR of any dissenting ideas.

      Also, the sexism and predatory behavior of those in the entertainment business goes perfectly with the 12 step cult religion dogma. Why fix it? As far as they’re concerned, there’s nothing broken.

      Personally, I have had my life threatened by Steppers. As for those with “alternatives,” why is it their responsibility to teach those with completely closed minds? When Charlie Sheen tried, he was vilified and shamed after YEARS of trying to stop them from their abuse of him.

      Those involved with SMART or any other alternative to the 12 step cult religion don’t stand a chance. It’s counter-productive to blame the victims here when most people who have rejected the 12 step cult religion have been traumatized enough.

      Finally, it’s not anyone’s job to provide alternatives to anyone. It’s all down to choice and the Hollywood elite choose to propagate the 12 step cult religion dogma. The dangerous cult religion has brainwashed a large culture and even if these people DID hear about an “alternative” it would be rejected outright.

      I understand your frustration but your blame placing is too simplistic. If only it were that easy. The blame belongs squarely on the 12 step cult religion and those who spread the message of this diabolical cult.

      • If its not anyone’s job to “provide alternatives to anyone”, how DO you propose that the cult of 12 Steppism be starved of its hostages, and continuing cult-growth? While I have no use for the existence of that pathetic cult on this planet, knowing that there are RATIONAL, individually-focused, COMPASSIONATE options that substance users can be referred to (and utilize or not ON THEIR OWN!) is something that needs to be “evangelized”! It sure as hell will NOT come from the 12 Step groups themselves! Then there are the coercing authorities (in law enforcement mainly!) who DO NOT KNOW of any other “support group” for substance abusers EXCEPT 12 Step ones! I am sure this also extends to the Hollywood producers, etc. you refer to in your initial entry, People in a position to offer/use a viable alternative cannot be held responsible if they are not given the information to begin with. And WHY are these same alternative sources not doing that, is all I am asking?

        • How did you and I find out about alternatives to the 12 step cult religion? We did the necessary work! Of course these “Hollywood” people are responsible but the cult dogma fits perfectly into their narrative of victim blaming and “powerless” sexism. Don’t let them off the hook. They LOVE cults like Scientology and the 12 steps because they get to absolve themselves of any responsibility when one of them has the fake “disease ” and dies or goes from the rails. Good luck informing any brainwashed stepper of “alternatives” to the perfect 12 step program! They don’t WANT an “alternative.” That’s by design.

          I like Cooper’s acting too but that doesn’t absolve him of his responsibility to get his head out of his ass when it comes to the truth. Even if he was educated to the truth, he could NEVER get his film made if he exposed it. Never. The end. Fini.

          It’s the CULT DISCIPLES that deserves the true blame, not one great-looking movie star or those of us who have done the necessary research. Cooper nor anyone else is never going to be allowed to rock the 12 step cult religion boat.

  3. ‘Alternatives to 12 step’ want to be ‘inclusive’. I am starting to doubt SMART Recovery; they seem to be way too focused on growing their organisation in agreement with 12 step community rather than be an alternative. They are embracing managers with 12 step background (UK ED is from Celebrate Recovery..), 12 step tools, slogans, principles and attitudes and welcome facilitators who are spreading their 12 step attitudes in their meetings (such as calling themselves alcoholics or telling people not to trust themselves). SMART are not strong enough. No proper quality control and gluttons for power. 12 step attitudes in management that go right against SMART’s secular and humanistic origins. They allow themselves be polluted and contaminated. That’s why there’s no real resistance from SMART. They don’t want conflict, they want integration.

    • If that’s true, that’s horrible. Thank you so much for the comment.

      • I think the saddest thing is that there is no resistance from within, from SMART members and volunteers, against the creeping in of these wrong attitudes. I was kicked out of a facilitators team because I did not agree with a paid staff member who demanded we use a tool that is commonly used in 12 step and is not an official part of the SMART program. I (a devoted volunteer for years) was dismissed without even a thank-you-for-all-the-meetings or we-ll-miss-you from my colleagues whilst the paid staff member is allowed to keep promoting the non-scientific, non-humanistic and non-SMART-approved tool in SMART and is lying that it is a SMART tool, egged on by the Christian Celebrate Recovery director and by some others who heard about the tool in addiction services (which does not automatically make it a good tool!). The world is upside down in all its corners. It appears some alternatives to 12 step are no better and well-meaning people do not realise they are slowly being converted to 12 step thinking even if they are not in the 12 step cult.

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