On Leaving Alcoholics Anonymous

The truth! Whether stepper disciples can admit it, this experience and those like it are far too common. Steppers are encouraged to abuse others since you either become as abuser or you GET abused. It’s a diabolical cult religion. Make no mistake. Educate yourself. Stop the abuse! It starts with you. It can end with you.

My life after Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is touted as a wonderful program by law enforcement, the judicial system, within the world of chemical dependency, by the media, and just by people in general. It is known as a place of friendship where you can get sober and have a better life. My experience though, was very different than this. I experienced severe abuse throughout my time there by other members of AA. When I spoke up about it, I experienced more abuse. In addition to this, by the time I had 9 years of sobriety I had suppressed so much of myself and my emotions due to the brainwashing I received there that not very much of me was left. Even so, it was incredibly hard for me to leave because by that time I did I was more addicted to AA than I had ever been to anything else.

Upon hearing that I…

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2 comments on “On Leaving Alcoholics Anonymous

  1. This story clearly belongs in a SECOND EDITION to: “12 Step Horror Stories” (Rebecca Farnsway’s book). The most amazing thing about AA survivors (for those that do!) is the RESTRAINT they show in not going into a local meeting, and MASSACURING the cult attendees (or at the very least selectively murdering a few deserving monsters!). How this has not happened yet, I am befuddled by. AA, like Islam and “Christ-INSANITY, are pathetic, monstrous, sociopathic CULTS, and they and their true-believing followers need IMMEDIATE REMOVAL off this planet!

    • Not shit. By the time people get to the point of leaving they’re beaten down so severely they don’t have the energy to go postal on a group. Just not going to meetings is enough trauma for those smart enough to leave the cult. Although someone going postal at a convention would make a great movie sequence. Thanks for that!

      This woman suffered at the hands of these cult disciples because she’s so trusting and vulnerable and sweet. She and I have personally connected since I discovered her blog. She’s very accessible and open even after all this trauma. We can be SURE they told her all kinds of lies about her intelligence and how the cult “works”. She’s clearly of a superior intellect (by her writing) than they anticipated. Deprogram if from the 12 step cult religion takes time but she will succeed.

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