The Orange Papers Are Back! Alert the Media!

Much to the dismay of brainwashed steppers, the Orange Papers are back up and running!  It works if you share it!

See link below for access to this brilliant and comprehensive website.



13 comments on “The Orange Papers Are Back! Alert the Media!

  1. They can also be found at: “orange-papers.info” (which was where they “relocated” to when the “.org” site disappeared.

  2. I remember the first time I read these! THEY BLEW MY MIND! Thanks for reposting!

    • It can also be found at: “orange-papers.info”. This site and “morerevealed.com” are THE MOST, ass-kicking, name-taking, Anti-12 Step resources on the Internet.

  3. I’ve been harassed by a malignant narcissist for 14 years. they continue to spread rumors that I’m a homosexual. I’ve lost work,jobs and relationships because of my time in the halls of hell. This gang stalking is illegal in mass. Just try to prove it.

    • Halls of Hell is the perfect description. You have every right to block them, disengage from them since any attention to malignant narcissists encourages their abuse. Document all their abuse and report them even if you’ve tried snd have gotten no where. This dangerous cult religion is sanctioned everywhere but you can stand in your power and never give up on your self. Thanks so much for writing.

      • It makes sense, being that within the US Christianity is the mirror to AA in its “claim to aid” (yet reality of abuse)

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