Harm Reduction – The Truly Free Program

Oftentimes, you hear steppers make the “it’s free” claim regarding their beloved cult religion. First of all, it’s NOT free when you consider the vast majority of rehab facilities mandate the cult to clients not only while in rehab but as aftercare. The cost to your personal power and self-sufficiency is monumental and one-dollar-in-basket requirement quickly adds up.  The 12 step cult religion is far from free when you are required to “work” all the steps, work them again and again, and then with your “sponcees” for all eternity. The constant fear-mongering of the 12 step cult comes with a costly loss of autonomy to make wise choices and take credit for those choices. Lastly, the 12 step cult religion is certainly not free as you are mandated to attend mind-control meetings for the rest of your life lest you end up “Jails, Institutions, and Dead.”  Free?  Not even close.

HAMS (Harm reduction, Abstinence, and Moderation Support) however, IS free. HAMS is free online and the system contains Elements that you are encouraged to use as you see fit without any rules based on disempowering, perpetual dogma from 1935. My friend and colleague Ken Anderson has developed a truly free system designed to give you all the power to resolve your issues around alcohol, (or any other substance or behavior) and move on happily with your life. View the short video below and please pass it on everywhere.

2 comments on “Harm Reduction – The Truly Free Program

  1. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. Say hi to Anderson for me…..

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