Rehab Riviera Fraud Arrests

Although there are thousands of criminals still getting away with murder in the 12 step cult religion, here’s some good news

“Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area are so dense with addiction treatment and sober living facilities that it’s known as the Rehab Riviera.

Over the past several years, the Southern California News Group has chronicled disturbing reports of deaths, sexual assault, drug abuse and paying for patients inside California’s loosely regulated addiction treatment industry. Those reports have prompted federal probes, the Orange County task force that made these arrests, a sober living registry and new state laws designed to protect vulnerable people struggling with addiction.”

Here’s the latest in this short report.  https://www.ocregister.com/2020/01/17/5-arrested-in-3-2-million-southern-california-sober-living-home-fraud-scheme/


13 comments on “Rehab Riviera Fraud Arrests

  1. Predatory bastards + the anguish of people with real problems = a nightmare reality.

    • I question whether a problem of a drug addict is “real” when it is something the addict him/herself created with their willing, knowing, and voluntary ingesting of the drug. Addiction is not a “problem” as much as it is a SOLUTION to the person that decided to “opt-in” to it, It certainly is NOT the drug’s fault. Inanimate drugs do NOT make decisions!

  2. The longer I am sober the stranger that AA seems. Some of the so called old timers are really in need of therapy. Thanks for the pst.

  3. Thanks for forwarding! Much appreciated….

  4. Only difference between these gangsters and BettyFordHazelden is that BFH gangsters wear better clothes….

  5. Thank you for the link! MULTIPLE “keyboard IED’s” have been posted on the OCR site featuring this article!

  6. Shit. Only 5 arrested? That’s nothing. Florida places are unregulated. It’s a disaster.

  7. Lee County FL., Fort Myers. You can run a ” sober house” with no training, no degree, and no oversight. They’re running them in Naples too. The worst are the ones for women that are coercive, and threatening to participants. People go from rehab to rehab to drum up aftercare business.

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