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The 12 Step Cult Religion Punishes For Relapse

As you loyal and enlightened readers know, there has been a great surge in views on my blog in the last couple of days.  While the stats are flying through the roof, I have had to deactivate my Facebook account to fend off all the abuse and threats from brainwashed steppers.  They truly are sicker […]

“Rarely have we seen a person fail …” What’s Wrong With A.A.’S Literature “How It Works”

At the beginning of every mind-fuck 12 step cult meeting, a passage from their big book of lies is read aloud by one member (who incidentally has usually been forced to read it).  The “How It Works” passage reads, “Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path. Those who do […]

12 Steps To Dead – A Book by Rolf Ankermann

All you need to know about what it is REALLY like to attend 12 step meetings is right here. As entertaining as this work is, it is also painful … because it is all so true. These kinds of experiences are nothing new to anyone who has ever spent any time in the roomz.  Whether the organization does […]

How to Do a 4th Step – The Example Given in the Big Book

While recently researching the steps, I was in chapter 5 of the Big Book and found the instructions for 4th step work.   http://www.aa.org/bigbookonline/en_bigbook_chapt5.pdf   Please click on this link to scroll down until you see the three columns you are to make and fill in for your moral inventory. 12-2-2014  ATTENTION:  I have been alerted that […]

Is Alcoholics Anonymous Really Spiritual Not Religious?

Monica Richardson and I discuss this topic on her radio show.  Listen and enjoy!  It was a BLAST! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/saferecovery/2014/03/05/is-aa-religious-or-spiritual-is-it-white-or-snowflake

Once An Alcoholic, Always An Alcoholic? Absolute, Outright Lie. Here’s Why.

The first nationally published criticism of Alcoholics Anonymous appeared in the Saturday Evening Post in 1964.  Dr. Arthur Cain wrote one of the best descriptions of the dangers inherent the 12 steps ever to exist.  He attended hundreds of meetings and saw for himself the dogmatic cult AA was, and still is today.  Enjoy and […]

Alcoholics Anonymous A Dangerous Cult. A Radio Interview with Laura Tompkins and Monica Richardson.

An hour of hilarity and brutal truths are yours by listening to the following link.  Enjoy. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/saferecovery/2013/02/27/laura-thompkins-therapist-writer-blogger  

Dr. Death Drew – The Emperor is Butt Ass Fucking Naked

The celebrity fucker commonly known as Dr. Drew is a topic of conversation often debated by addiction professionals.  What he is doing by producing a tv show under the guise of helping people is unethical to the extreme.  There is no way someone can receive help this way, on a show with a camera in […]