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Laurie Birmingham Does It Again. Three Views – One Phenomenal Actress.

“Birmingham delivers a great performance, giving us a harrowing reincarnation of Albee’s Martha. Her Jesse drinks and says too much, spewing the toxic anger of a woman whose husband never made enough money or gave enough intimacy. Even the tradeoff — security — has now vanished; Poppy has had the audacity to not only get […]

Her – A Film Review

Her – Directed by Spike Jonze. With Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, and Scarlett Johansson as Samantha. Johansson is an Operating System. Her entire role is a v.o. (voice over) and yes, you never see her. I say yes, because 1) We all love to look at Johansson and 2) In an extraordinarily intimate love-making scene, you […]

Stop Shoulding On Yourself

Moderation. Do you judge yourself harshly? Stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself. When we place ‘shoulds’ on ourselves – I should get up earlier, I should be working harder, I should be taking better care of myself, I should be making more money by now, I should not be enjoying myself on a Monday, fun is only […]

Emotional Development Stunted

A person can be chronologically older or even quite old, and have the maturity of a child. When someone suffers a trauma, or becomes a member of a cult, or is forced to someone else’s control, their emotional maturity is stunted. If someone was sexually, physically and/or emotionally abused, the stunting of their emotional growth […]

How To Find A Worthy Relationship

Men want security, love and commitment as much as women do. Women scare men however, when they become demanding, needy and make ultimatums. No man likes an ultimatum. When you meet a man you would like to date, keep the focus on you, your dreams, your goals … The bridge you are crossing to get […]

Silence Is Golden – How To Handle Conflict

Mature, true, honest and loving communication happens face to face, where you can see one another’s expressions, body language and hear the person in the moment, feeling their presence and being. Listening to another person requires your entire mind, body and spirit.Second to in person, is the use of the telephone. Although you cannot see […]