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How’s To Deprogram From The 12 Step Cult Religion Alcoholics Anonymous by Mark W. Scheeren

Hello Readers!  Just a quick introduction to the Freedom Model with a short article on how to deprogram from the 12 step cult in case you or a loved one is struggling with the “disease doing push-ups in the parking lot.”  The fear-mongering of this cult can be a thing of the past for you […]

Alcoholics Anonymous Is A Predator’s Party

This brilliant man with the handle of Quackaholics Anonymous has a YouTube channel readers will love.  See the link below for his take on the recent article regarding the rampant predation (dismissed by the common 12 step cult term the 13th Step) inflicted on members by the most “trusted servants” of the 12 step cult […]

Rape for Cocaine – Behavior of Members of AA/NA

http://www.delmarvanow.com/article/20130805/NEWS01/130805001/VA-SHORE-Woman-who-traded-her-13-year-old-niece-s-sex-cocaine-gets-jail-time Yet another example of the kinds of folks attracted to the cult religion known as AA and the 12 steps.  “Defense attorney Patrick Robbins presented a witness who said that Kenney was a regular at Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings up until this event.”  Hmmmmm?  He then told the court, “She was doing […]