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12 Things The 12 Step Cult Religion Does NOT Want You To Know.

http://porkchoptze.hubpages.com/hub/Twelve-Things-That-Alcoholics-Anonymous-Doesnt-Want-You-to-Know Enjoy this link.  I pass it on to you, my followers, in order that when you are attacked by brainwashed steppers, you know how to refute their insanity with actual facts.  You’re welcome.  Keep coming back.

‘Disease’ episode South Park – Alcoholics Anonymous Is A Dangerous Lie

http://www.southparkstudios.com/full-episodes/s09e14-bloody-mary If you have not had the chance to view this South Park episode, now is your chance.  You do not have to admit anything!  You are NOT powerless.  You do NOT have to be converted to the AA cult religion.  You do NOT have a deadly disease.  Ridiculous nonsense. Hilarious.  Enjoy.

It’s FREE! One of the biggest lies of 12 Step groups.

See below the recent tax return for one club (Paridise Inc. in Ohio).  As a tax exempt corporation, this large sum of money is free for them to use any way they see fit. For those of you who have not read my story about this club, here it is.  Criminals running a million […]

Religious NOT ‘spiritual’ – A legal case won in California against the 12 step cult religion

“(Hereinafter, a 12-step program will always refer to a religion-based treatment program.)” Please see link below for the court case legal documents.  As you will see, his parole officer is a stepper and threatened Mr. Hazle with prison time if he did not participate in the 12-step program at Empire Recovery Center in Northern California. […]