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The “Sex Addiction” Excuse – You are NOT safe in 12 Step “Rooms.”

Harvey Weinstein has finally been accused of rape and assault.  Finally.  Any second now the “sex addiction” excuse will be used to justify Weinstein’s CHOICE to assault women. I will NOT stay quiet on this one.  As a screenwriter, I have been advised to keep my social media feed clear of politics since producers do […]

Jamie Lee Curtis, a 12 Step Cult Guru “Old-Timer,” Calls The Trump Kettle Sexist. That’s One Pot of Rich Contradictions!

Jamie Loser CultPusher is outraged where she should be called out on her extreme hypocrisy. I have personally seen Jamie at many a 12 step cult meeting with her fawning posse of “sponsees.”  My comment on a blog about Curtis’ recent outrage on the HuffPost (see link below), will likely be deleted once Curtis and […]

AA – How AA Steals Your Soul – by Robert Warner – a book review

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Usually, when you read a book about AA and the 12 steps, the author finds it necessary (cultural brainwashing if not personal indoctrination brainwashing) to claim that the ‘steps’ have worked for millions. They somehow seem to have the need to insist that they are […]