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The 12 Step Cult MUST Coerce People In Order To Keep The “Rooms” Full

Stanton Peele is someone you should know if you’re interested in exposing the truth regarding the 12 step cult religion.  His latest piece is about how the cult forces people into participation.  They figured out how to do this when they found that the vast majority of people reject their disempowering dogma very quickly.  In […]

Stinkin Thinkin – The Murder of Karla Brada

http://peele.net/blog/2013/03/the-dark-side-of-aa/ Thank you Dr. Stanton Peele.  Dr. Peele has been speaking the truth about the 12 steps for over 40 years.  He is a hero in this fight to expose the truth.  When I get disillusioned, he picks me up.