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Davy Jones Brilliant Clip – Watch here!

Head- daddys song From the 1968 Monkees film “Head”. Featuring Toni Basil & Frank Zappa. Hear it in stereo at CLICK LINK ABOVE RIP Davy.  I had a wicked crush on you as a young girl.  Thanks for the memories.

Ryan Seacrest & Sacha Baron Cohen Oscar Ashes Ryan Seacrest spends more time on his hair and make up than most women.  He is PISSED in this video and acts as if he knew Sacha was going to do something…so as not to look a fool.  Ryan needs to lighten up.  What do you think?

Douglas A. Blackmon – Slavery by Another Name The link above will take you to the documentary Slavery by Another Name. Blackmon (a white man) grew up in the Mississippi Delta of the United States of America, and was a minority in his mostly black neighborhood. In a CNN interview recently, Blackmon said that as a boy, he always wondered why his […]

Laurie Birmingham – “It’s cougar time!” Yet another brilliant Birmingham interview.  Read it here!

Laurie Birmingham *all new* TV interview Milwaukee – Miss Abigail Watch this!  New TV interview with Laurie Birmingham

South Park!!!!

ArtsBeat: ‘South Park’ Team to Keep at It for Five More Years Congratulations Trey Parker & Matt Stone.  You deserve it!  And thanks for Book of Mormon…it’s fucking brilliant.

Wing suit crazy brave kids.

best wingsuit base jumping video ever These guys are crazy and brave.  You have to have a certain spiritual amnesia to do this.  It sure is fun to watch but terrifying to imagine doing it.  Enjoy.

When I die…

Laurie Birmingham radio interview – Brilliant!–Mating-and-Marriag/11315408?pid=208318 Listen to this interview!  She’s amazing!  If you’re in Milwaukee now, you must see this show. Her schedule from Milwaukee on: Feb 15 – Feb 19  > Milwaukee, WI Feb 20 – Feb 21  > NYC Feb 22 – Feb 26  > Norwell, MA Feb 26 – Feb 29  > NYC Mar 1 – […]

Funny video!

Happy Valentines Day!