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Laurie Birmingham Does It Again. Three Views – One Phenomenal Actress.

“Birmingham delivers a great performance, giving us a harrowing reincarnation of Albee’s Martha. Her Jesse drinks and says too much, spewing the toxic anger of a woman whose husband never made enough money or gave enough intimacy. Even the tradeoff — security — has now vanished; Poppy has had the audacity to not only get […]

Laurie Birmingham In Blithe Spirit – Cleveland’s Great Lakes Theatre

Just to cement that Laurie Birmingham is the incredibly talented actress I claim she is, here is yet another review proving it. “The best thing about this production is Birmingham, who’s every motion and movement as Madame Arcati is superbly eccentric. Whether she is roaming the room sensing ectoplasmic energy           […]

Laurie Birmingham As Madame Arcati in Blithe Spirit – Great Lakes Theatre Cleveland, Ohio

Laurie Birmingham has done it yet again.  Below is a quote from a review of Blithe Spirit, by Noel Coward which opened this past Saturday February 23, 2013: “Birmingham — who made her Great Lakes debut as Nurse in “Romeo and Juliet,” infusing the small part with a vitality it rarely receives — gives a […]

Laurie Birmingham once again teams up with Harry Connick Jr.

For those of you who know me at all, and for those who read my blog, (thank you by the way), you may have heard me mention Laurie Birmingham. You know – The most monumentally talented actress on the planet, Laurie Birmingham. Yeah, that’s the one. In 2008, Laurie worked on a show called The […]

Laurie Birmingham plays the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet!!!!!

And I say, “It’s about fucking time!” See reviews below kids.  In the first one, if he didn’t have a word limit, and you can tell he does, he would have gushed and gone all goo goo over Laurie.  The second one is a great review of the entire show and he loved Laurie!  The […]

Laurie Birmingham – “It’s cougar time!” Yet another brilliant Birmingham interview.  Read it here!

Laurie Birmingham *all new* TV interview Milwaukee – Miss Abigail Watch this!  New TV interview with Laurie Birmingham

Laurie Birmingham radio interview – Brilliant!–Mating-and-Marriag/11315408?pid=208318 Listen to this interview!  She’s amazing!  If you’re in Milwaukee now, you must see this show. Her schedule from Milwaukee on: Feb 15 – Feb 19  > Milwaukee, WI Feb 20 – Feb 21  > NYC Feb 22 – Feb 26  > Norwell, MA Feb 26 – Feb 29  > NYC Mar 1 – […]

Laurie Birmingham fan posts-The greatest actress of all time

Laurie Birmingham Miss Abigail video This is a woman I have admired and loved for over 20 years.  She is truly a friend to the end.  We have been through everything together.  She saved my life when I needed some help, Laurie was the person with which I felt safe.  This is an interview she […]