Alcoholism Is Not A Disease and AA is a Cult Religion

When I speak the truth, alcoholism is not a disease, people are often shocked.  If they are not rabid, brainwashed Steppers, a rational conversation based on facts will help them understand so that they are informed rather than ignorant.  This “disease theory” is so prevalent in American society (and we have spread it like a […]

Selma — The Insane Reasons Behind The Paraphrasing MLK Speeches

Selma — The Insane Reasons Behind The Paraphrasing MLK Speeches

I have a dream. I also have copyright restrictions!

Water Here! Life There!

http://www.upworthy.com/omg-best-use-of-a-billboard-i-have-ever-seen?g=3 Worth passing on – and working on creating more!

The Fix – Bankrupt and Shutting Down

http://www.orange-papers.org/forum/node/3708 http://www.thefix.com/ Read the two links provided.  This is a shame.  More and more The Fix was allowing open debate and features that revealed the damages behind the 12 step recovery industry.  The original founder Maer Roshan, is being blamed in some circles.  He was forced out when it was revealed that he was still […]

Troubled Teen Industry – Institutional Abuse

Please click on link below to learn more.  You can do something, even with just a few dollars or spreading awareness by sharing this link, and sharing the article here about Nick Gaglia. Your teen has not had enough time on the planet to be diagnosed ‘chemically dependent.’  They have had enough time however, to […]

Hope For Life – Capital Punishment

State sanctioned death by lethal injection, electric chair, or any other form of capital punishment … makes killers of us all. It’s not that pedophiles and murders do not deserve to die, It’s that we can’t kill the killers without becoming killers ourselves. We, the members of a civilized society, can’t have it both ways. […]


Preserving the Postal Service Tragically, it’s too late for 2012, but we need to seriously look at Senator Sanders for 2016.  Of course, we may all be living on the moon by then.  It’s worth watching the entire clip and really practicing the art of listening.  Enjoy.